HelpNet Frontline Supervisor Newsletters

Frontline Supervisor Newsletters

Frontline Supervisor (FS) is a monthly publication providing ideas and insights to help Supervisors and Managers increase their success. FS is a positive, pro-people, pro-organization management tool to improve communications and protect relationships for greater and more long-lasting success together. FS focuses on education, training, manager stress, and reducing the risk and exposure to your organization that come with difficult and troubled employees who don't self-refer to professional help. This targeted content makes the newsletter especially magnetic for supervisors and transforms it from an average newsletter to a must-read information resource. And throughout the newsletter, there are prompts and reminders that underscore the key message to supervisors, “EAP is here for you, too.”

Previous FS Newsletters, dating back to April 2015, are available upon request. Contact your Account Manager.



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