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Having a strong leadership team to support your workforce is crucial for any company to succeed. At Bronson HelpNet, we are here to help ensure your management team has all the resources to keep their teams happy, healthy and productive.

When you partner with us, you are assigned an account manager. They will partner with you and serve as your “go to” person for all things related to maintaining a strong workforce. You can count on them to:

  • Get to know you and your company to assure that we are tailoring our service to your specific needs.
  • Provide promotional materials and orientations to get the word out to your employees.
  • Arrange trainings for supervisors to assure their understanding of the EAP.
  • Present and interpret quarterly and annual data regarding EAP utilization for your company.
  • Consult with HR staff regarding troubled employees or difficult situations.
  • Coordinate other training requests.

Essentially, it boils down to this... If your organization has a need or question that you feel is applicable to Bronson HelpNet and your EAP, simply call your account manager. One call, one person, one solution. It's that simple. They will be happy to assist you, or find someone who can. Don't you wish everything were that simple?

Management Consultation

Ever have one of those days when you're pulling your hair out because of yet another "sticky situation" has surfaced with an employee? Wouldn't it be nice to be able to make a phone call and get solid suggestions to help address the situation? Well you can.

Business leaders, managers, supervisors and human resources staff from our contracted companies have ongoing access to our decades of expertise in handling almost every "people problem" that comes up in the workplace. We're happy to listen and to assist with problem solving to help you go from "headache" to "handled"!

Taking it further: there is also an add-on benefit available for more formal, ongoing management consultation. This option is for the professional who desires a coach and advisor to further develop his or her skills and possibly his or her career.

Management Referral Program

Employee turnover is expensive. But what do you do with that employee whose performance has declined and isn't improving? Bronson HelpNet's Management Referral Program may be the answer! We can provide you with a structured, effective strategy to give employees an opportunity to address their issues and to get back on track.

Here’s how it works: Management referrals generally come from your HR department. The employee signs a limited release of information so that the referring HR staff can receive updates specifically related to the employee's progress. The employee is assigned to an EAP counselor, who will work with the referred employee to identify and work on any issues that may be negatively impacting his or her work behavior or performance. The counselor may also recommend and/or connect the employee with any additional referrals that may help he or she reach their goal. As the employee progresses through the program, HR staff will receive regular updates on their compliance and progress toward goals from a licensed Bronson HelpNet Mental Health Professional. Updates may be received for up to one year, to help assure that the employee has what he or she needs to get, and stay, on track.

For some employees, the Management Referral Program is a career-saver. And for employers, it saves the aggravation, time, and money of having to replace a once competent employee.

Crisis Response

You read about it in the paper and see it on the news, but you never think it's going to happen at your workplace. Workplace violence, serious accidents, sudden deaths, criminal activity and other critical events can and do impact many work settings. Hopefully it won't happen in your organization, but if it does, be assured that Bronson HelpNet can, and will, take care of you and your employees. Our trained, experienced staff are ready to serve our client companies if tragedy strikes. We will work with you to:

  • Quickly assess the situation.
  • Determine the appropriate intervention for the issue at hand.
  • Provide prompt, compassionate, knowledgeable support.

Interventions May Include:

  • Individual or group sessions
  • Education regarding common reactions and self-care strategies
  • Guidance for HR and management staff regarding their role in the healing process
  • Follow-up to assure that folks are getting back on track
  • Psychological first aid for staff is imperative to helping them, and the organization as a whole, heal and move forward effectively.

Be prepared. Have Bronson HelpNet on your side when the unthinkable occurs!

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