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Why Bronson HelpNet?

Partnership is at the core of all we do. The team at Bronson HelpNet will partner with your HR department to keep your employees happy, healthy and productive. So why choose Bronson HelpNet for your employee assistance program?

  • Fully customizable packages. Your company is unique. And with Bronson HelpNet, so can your EAP. Choose from the services your employees need most and stay within your desired budget.
  • Reduce health claims costs. Mental and physical health is connected. Give your employees the tools they need to be well – in turn reducing healthcare costs.
  • Increased employee retention. Recent studies have shown a trend that employees who have been assisted by the EAP tend to remain with the company longer and perform at higher levels.
  • Safeguard from wrongful termination and lawsuits.

Benefits to Management

  • Save time. Managers and supervisors spend a lot of time addressing employee concerns and work performance issues. Bronson HelpNet provides a simple, yet structured, strategy to give employees an opportunity to address their work performance issues and to get back on track.
  • Manage change. Companies are constantly changing and growing. Having an EAP improves change management resilience.
  • Happy employees are successful employees. Having an employee assistance program supports the idea that mental health is fundamental to health of your organization.
  • Support leadership development.

Benefits to Employees

  • Easy access to the tools they need to succeed. Bronson HelpNet offers the resources to help employees and their households live happy, healthy and productive lives – so they can become the best version of themselves both at work and home.

The Proof is in the Numbers

Our clients love the results they have found from partnering with Bronson HelpNet. After 90 days of participation in employee counseling through Bronson HelpNet:

  • Companies saw an 80% improvement in employee absences (Workplace Outcome Suite, 2017)
  • Companies saw an 18% improvement in employees being “present” and focused in the workplace (Workplace Outcomes Suite, 2017)

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Contact us today at helpnet@bronsonhg.org or (800) 969-6162. We'll talk to you about our services and help you find a solution to meet your company's individual needs.

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