Course Descriptions

BAC membership includes drop-in, no-fee classes led by highly qualified instructors. Training is what sets the BAC apart from the rest.

Members-Only Group Exercise Classes

  • Boot Camp Full-body workout that will target all major muscle groups; includes a cardio component. This class will really make you sweat.
  • Bullet Stretch/Core Strength Just what the name says! Enjoy and relax with stretching from head to toe with—with a little conditioning thrown in for with a little conditioning thrown in for good measure.
  • Cardio Dance (Hi/Lo) A dynamic, easy-to-follow, high- and low-impact routine with variations in intensity. This class incorporates dance, kick boxing and some calisthenics to give you the ultimate challenge.
  • Fit 4-50 Great class for beginners or for the mature individual desiring a balanced weight-training program and some cardiovascular exercise. This easy-to-follow group-x class adds benefits such as stretching exercises, strength conditioning exercises for the whole body and foundation exercises for balance.
  • Mat Pilates Strengthen the abdominal muscles that support the neck and spine. Mat Pilates accomplishes this by decreasing muscle tension and increasing flexibility.
  • R.I.P.P.E.D.®  Experience this total-body, “plateau-proof” workout that utililizes resistance and cardio training. It is a masterful combination of Resistance, Intervals, Power, Plyometrics, Endurance and Diet (R.I.P.P.E.D.) to help you attain and maintain your physique in a way that is fun, safe, doable and extremely effective. 
  • Spinning® Whether you are a beginner or an elite athlete, you can participate at your own pace and effort. Classes are designed with a heart rate objective. We strongly encourage the use of a heart rate monitor to gauge your intensity. As a class participant, you will experience the following heart rate Energy Zonerides: recovery, endurance, strength, interval and race day.
  • Step This is a great low-impact, high-energy choreographed routine that will keep you moving to the beat of the music.
  • Tabata Bootcamp™ High-intensity, interval training (HIIT) is a strategy that is intended to improve athletic performance and endurance with short bouts of interval training drills that will challenge your body and keep you guessing what is coming next! 
  • TBC (Total Body Conditioning) Combines continuous cardio training with muscular strength and endurance drills for conditioning the whole body. A variety of equipment is used to enhance the workouts, including weights, bands, Glidingdiscs, BOSU® balance trainers, Body Bars® and steps. Excellent class for whole-body conditioning.
  • TBC X-treme Higher intensity TBC with less recovery between intervals.
  • Turbo Kick® Want a way to increase the effectiveness of your workout and have fun at the same time? Well, here it is! Turbo Kick® is a combination of intense, easy-to-follow kick boxing moves and some fun, funky dance movements. This class requires no previous kick boxing experience.
  • Yoga Equilibrium / Yoga 4-A Well-being An ideal class for beginners, or for those who want to improve their basic balance to advance in their yoga techniques. This is a mind/body fitness yoga session combined with traditional yoga techniques. Relax and stay fit with slow moves, gentle stretches and strengthening postures. The result is a powerful cardio/strength/flexibility workout that increases body tone and definition, with emphasis placed on deep relaxation and stress-releasing moves.
  • Zumba® A fusion of high-energy, motivational Latin/international music and aerobic interval training. Fast and slow rhythms combine to produce movements that tone and sculpt your body.