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Members, have your child's birthday party at the BAC! Choose from among several sports activities and more to complement a fun time in the pool.


Birthday Parties

Children's birthday parties at the BAC are hosted in three-hour time slots on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Cost for up to 10 children is $150; add $10 per additional child. Contact Lindsey Ralya,, for more information. Reservations for birthday parties are for BAC members only.

  • 1st hour – Supervised games in the gym

  • 2nd hour – Supervised fun in the swimming pool

  • 3rd hour – Food and birthday presents in a conference room

You may choose from among several games and activities for the gym time, including:

  • Parachute Games

  • Soccer

  • Kickball

  • Scooter Relays

  • Tag (many variations)

  • Dodgeball

  • Basketball

  • Volleyball

  • Floor Hockey

Please complete the child liability waiver for guests.

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