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Whether you are a beginner or an elite athlete, you can participate in a Spinning® class at your own pace and effort.

Spinning at Bronson Athletic Club

Spinning® at the BAC

Classes are designed with a heart rate objective. We strongly encourage you to use a heart rate monitor to gauge your intensity. As a class participant, you will experience the following heart rate Energy Zone™ rides: recovery, endurance, strength, interval and race day.

​BAC Spinning® Reservation Policy

Thank you for your interest in Spinning® at the BAC. Because this popular class is such a member favorite, we take steps to ensure everyone has an equal chance to participate. We encourage you to reserve space in the session of your choice. It is our goal to provide a great Spinning® experience for everyone.

  • Every participant in every Spinning® class must sign up and receive a class card, whether a session is filled or not. Cards are available at the service desk.
  • As a BAC member, you may reserve one space in one Spinning® class (for yourself only) up to two days in advance.
  • You may have only one reservation at a time. You may make another reservation after completing the class for which you have a current reservation.
  • You may make one reservation by phone or in person at the service desk. You may not reserve space for anyone else.
  • You may pick up your reservation card at the service desk no later than 10 minutes before the class start time. If you do not do so, your reservation is subject to cancellation and your account will be charged a $5 fee.
Your instructor will collect the cards in the studio before class begins. If there is a discrepancy, and you do not have a card, the sign-up sheet will checked.
  • If you want to attend back-to-back classes, please note that priority will be given to participants whom did not take the earlier class.
  • As a courtesy, please do not save bikes for others.
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