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Debbie's Story (Nominated 2013)

My husband, Bob, and I joined BAC in March 2010 to get in better shape before Bob retired at the end of February 2011. We had belonged to other exercise facilities, but BAC has a spa retreat feel for us as a reward for after our workouts.

I watched one particular trainer, Brian Ladkrood, who seemed to really be committed to showing people what to do with such passion for his job. So we booked Brian for a training session—and several afterwards.

Brian explained that I needed balance in my life with stress, sleep, spiritual, food and exercise before my body would lose weight. It took all summer to get my stress under control.

In September 2011, Brian suggested that I concentrate on doing a weight workout routine first, before any aerobic classes, as building muscle will burn fat faster. So I did just that. I have five different weight routines from Brian that I use four-five times a week, and then I walk two to three miles afterward either on the BAC track or around our neighborhood. My husband is my workout partner when he’s not training to run a race.

I had to change my eating habits, but could not do it by myself. I finally gave it up to the Lord. I got help with my nutrition and learned portion control. I am now in control of food, vs. the other way around.

So with the combination of workouts, new eating habits and support from my wonderful husband of 40 years, along with support from my trainer, Brian, I have accomplished losing 70 pounds and gaining my life back. My goal is to lose 82 pounds and reach my goal weight of 155.

This weight for my age and my height, 5’4”, is so I would not be considered obese. I am getting compliments now from so many friends and strangers in the gym that I have been asked to share my story. I do hope my story inspires people that you aren’t too old to accomplish a goal to get healthier. My skin isn’t sagging as much as it would have if I just did a “diet.” It’s because I lost it gradually while working out and toning my muscles with the weight routines. In the spring of 2012, I was taken off my blood pressure medication. So remember: Doing the right thing long enough shows right results! Don’t give up! Set your goals, and you can do it! My life is so much better now. 

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