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Meet Wall of Fame Honoree Chuck Cubbage


Chuck's Story

Pat & I have been members since just before BAC opened in 2001 and have worked out with trainers most of that time. In 1995 I had a quadruple bypass. Following a cardiac diet is good common sense, but as I discovered, some of us need even more. In 2000 a carotid artery needed to be cleaned out—a reminder that more than cardiac arteries can clog up, and prescription meds are not enough, either. For me, it was clear there is value in eating “bushes”—heavy on vegetarian fare and emphasizing soy products and fish.

In 2007 I was experiencing sudden, unpredictable sharp knee pain when going down stairs. X-rays showed bone-on-bone in both knees. Injections didn’t do the job, so I decided (at age 69) to have total knee replacements, six weeks apart.

Specific pre-op leg strengthening exercises were recommended by the surgeon—a cakewalk, stepping up and down off a phone book, for instance. Post-op showed me just how uncomfortable it could be. And riding a stationary bike (getting the leg up and over the top of the circle just wasn’t going to happen) made me wonder if I made a mistake.

Recovery from knee surgery is not fast and is among the more uncomfortable physical therapy rehabs. I can now flex my knees over 150 degrees. That’s like kicking your fanny. Full squat? No problem! BAC is the best exercise facility in SW Michigan—awesome. You can move from PT right into the care of a great trainer. It makes rehab progress seamless!

Pat & I work out three times a week, two of those days with BAC trainer Brian Ladkrood. By insisting that we do it right, he helps us get great workouts at relatively lighter weights. Without his help it is so easy to slip into improper posture. The result is not exercising the muscles you think you are. Equally important is Brian’s commitment to sharing his knowledge of nutrition. With his encouragement I started taking liquid cod liver oil. BAC’s emphasis on nutrition is a great partner in anyone’s health toolbox.

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