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Meet Wall of Fame Honoree Sandy Babcock


Sandy's Story

Throughout our lives, we experience many journeys. About a year ago I started a new one, which has become an adventure. In 2010, I was at my wits’ end after the repair of a bad knee injury which led into a back injury. I quit coming to the BAC because I couldn’t even walk a continuous 1/8 mile around the track without extreme back pain. I had regained the 30 pounds previously lost. My lab values were starting to plummet. I had to do something. I was tired, and scared of the road I was following. I called the BAC and told them I needed a trainer that could deal with my new physical issues. They assigned me to Brian Ladkrood.

Brian explained what good nutrition really is. He explained what alkaline and acidic foods are, and how to balance them. He warned me about foods that are very detrimental to nutrition. Brian taught me what to check for on labels and how to “eat clean.” He taught me things about nutrition (and the lack thereof) which just aren’t taught in those “send you the meals” programs. This information is fundamental if you are going to change your lifestyle.

Every trainer says, “It’s all about posture.” I am now a true believer of that. The next thing we did was to work on mine, which was very poor. Brian taught me what I needed to stand straight…and  voilà... after 6 weeks, no more back disc pain. We also started working on machine and floor exercises. And after 4 months, the pounds started disappearing and my lab values improved a great deal. I started to feel so much better…like I was getting some of those years back that I had wasted away on poor habits.

I am convinced that if you have never had instruction on the proper technique and form essential for the correct execution of floor exercises or use on the various machines…if you don’t truly know your way around a gym…you really need to get with a trainer, even if it is only every couple months or so. Believe me, this will keep you from injury and greatly improve your success.

It is now been over a year and a half since I changed my lifestyle and returned to the BAC. There is not enough room here to tell you the multitude of things that have improved in my life. I have lost 95 pounds to date and have gone from a size 20 to size 6-8. But what is even more important than that is my health has greatly improved. I am on about a third of the meds I was on before. I am not easily winded, can jump up from the floor and have better balance. I am stronger. I feel I can do anything reasonable I set my mind to. I have a better attitude towards life.

I have worked hard. There have been some very frustrating times. Brian has been there with his knowledge and awesome talents to help me through it all. With Brian as my trainer, I have been able to be more successful than I ever thought possible. I will continue on my way…like the “Never Ending Story” because I have changed my lifestyle. My eating habits now fuel my life. Exercise has become an addiction. It’s one you can live with forever and learn to enjoy.

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