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The BAC's certified personal trainers offer individualized exercise training, health education and nutritional information to help you achieve your goals.


Meet the BAC Personal Trainers

It's About You

You and your trainer will assess your stress management, nutritional intake, sleep patterns, postural alignments and exercise history to come up with a plan that will work for you.

You can work out with your personal trainer on a regular basis, or meet periodically to check progress. Sessions last 55 minutes and are available at an additional charge for BAC members and nonmembers.

Are you ready to take the next step? Simply fill out this form for a personal trainer (complete the questions you feel comfortable answering) and submit:

Bronson Athletic Club Health History Form

A trainer will call you to schedule an appointment. For questions or more information about personal training, please email Fitness Director Steve Lewis,, or call the BAC at (269) 544-3200.

Weight Loss

Are you ready for some solid guidance to kick-start your 2016 goals to eat better, look better or feel better? Our simple primal principles can be the answer. It is based on the Primal Blueprint 21-Day Challenge devised by fitness expert and author Mark Sisson, publisher of

Click here for  information:  Primal Transformation

Small Group Personal Training

Been thinking about working with a trainer, but don’t want to go it alone? Here’s a great opportunity to bring a friend! Take advantage of personal training with a twist! Get fit, have fun with a buddy (or three)—and save money at the same time.

Training Before and After Pregnancy

The Bronson Athletic Club offers a special program specifically for expectant mothers. The earlier in the pregnancy the sessions are started, the greater the benefit to both mom and baby. Sessions feature a personalized workout based on the number of weeks of gestation and individual client needs.

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