Wall of Fame - Bronson Healthcare

The BAC congratulates these members whom have reached outstanding training and health milestones. Their photos are placed on our “Wall of Fame” at the club.


We salute these Bronson Athletic Club members for their extraordinary progress. Read their personal stories by clicking on the links below.

Sandy Babcock

Bronson X-ray technologist Sandy Babcock’s weight had gone up and down her whole life. By 2011, she knew she needed a trainer who could work with some knee and back issues. Brian Ladkrood helped her with proper posture and keeping a food log. She started exercising routinely, and now tries several options so she doesn’t get bored.

Sandy is thankful she did not have to undergo bariatric surgery to lose the extra 95 pounds she once carried. She says she feels 10 years younger, and that when you’re physically fit, “Age is just a number.” Her exercise routine is now an addiction, but “It’s one I can live with!”

Chuck Cubbage

A charter member of the BAC, Chuck Cubbage has beat medical issues, including quadruple bypass surgery and a later procedure to unclog a carotid artery. Then at age 69 in 2007, sharp knee pain prompted him to undergo total knee replacements six weeks apart.

Overcoming uncomfortable post-op therapy (and thanks to the encouragement of his therapists), he can flex his knees over 150 degrees. “That’s like kicking your fanny,” he explains. “Full squat? No problem! You can move from PT right into the care of a great trainer. It makes rehab progress seamless!” Chuck also credits his trainer’s nutrition advice to his reclaimed vigor. “BAC’s emphasis on nutrition is a great partner in anyone’s health toolbox.”

Bob and Debbie Kuncinski

In 2010, the couple’s goal was to get in shape by Bob’s retirement. Working with a trainer, they learned to balance exercise, food and sleep, and started using weights before their cardio workout. They replaced eating packaged food with fresh fruits and vegetables.

Both are thrilled with the results: By 2012, Debbie lost 80 pounds and stopped her blood pressure medication. Bob lost 25 pounds and went off cholesterol medication. They wanted to be healthy as an example for their grandchildren. “You can reach a goal at any age,” Debbie says. The Kucinskis are living proof.