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Our team offers an innovative, multidisciplinary approach designed to treat obesity and the many health problems that accompany this condition. As part of our approach, we offer educational classes and programs to assist you in making the best on-going decisions for your health.

Path to SuccessTM

two women exercisingThe program focuses on reducing hunger, controlling cravings, and increasing energy levels. The reduction in hunger and increased energy allows you to achieve rapid, safe, and sustainable weight loss contributing to long-term success.

We use a progressive, three phase approach.

Supplements only* - Great tasting meal replacement products like protein shakes, protein bars and protein snacks.

Supplements plus food* - A blended plan that starts with supplements and then gradually introduces grocery based eating to create a healthy, sustainable eating plan.

Food only (grocery) - This path is designed to teach grocery-based eating without supplements. This helps you lose weight successfully and keep it off.

This is a 12 week medically supervised weight management program. During the 12 weeks, we provide close medical supervision to ensure your safety, comprehensive lifestyle education, accountability to provide structure and ongoing personalized support through social media and in person support groups. You will be required to purchase the meal replacement products to be used during the first two stages of this program. You will also be required to get a blood test on the initial visit and later as per the clinical discretion of the medical provider. This program requires a referral from your provider and you will be required to meet with our providers throughout this program.

A Referral from your provider is required.

Please contact our office at (269) 341-8900 for class start dates and prices.

Path to SuccessTM includes a FREE Celebrate nutrition product starter kit ($150 value) and a FREE body composition analysis.

*Additional product purchase is required during program.

Need help?

Please feel free to contact our office at (269) 341-8900.

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