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A referral from your family doctor may be needed for your first visit. To find out if you need a referral to be seen, call our office at (269) 341-7145.

Your First Appointment

Your doctor needs to know about your health history to provide the best care for you. These forms will be mailed to you along with any special instructions to prepare for the visit. If you do not get them before your visit, please come to the office 15 minutes early to complete the forms.

Your first visit will include a review of your health history. Bring a list of any medicines that you are taking. Make sure we have any of your other medical records.

A letter will be sent to our family doctor regarding the results of your visit. Your family doctor will still take care of you for any of your other conditions.

Canceling Your Appointment

We know that things may happen that make it hard to keep your appointment. We do ask that you call our office to let us know the day before your appointment if you cannot come to the office when you are scheduled. This helps us to be able to see other patients who need to see the provider. If you don’t call and miss visits or call late several times we may ask you to find another doctor.

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