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Bronson Cardiothoracic Surgery Specialists - Kalamazoo (A Bronson Methodist Hospital facility)

Our services are comprehensive. Our expert teams of heart and vascular specialists and surgeons are available 24/7, ready to treat and diagnose.

Cardiothoracic Services Provided

  • Adult cardiac and thoracic surgery
  • Aortic root and aortic surgery
  • Arrhythmia
  • Coronary artery bypass graft surgery
  • Short-term left ventricular assist device
  • Thoracic oncology surgery
  • Valve surgery

Being in the business of heart and vascular surgery, we're always on the leading edge of technological breakthroughs. We then apply that knowledge to your specific heart or vascular condition. Although we're known for award-winning heart and vascular procedures, our heart and vascular services also include:

  • Early detection
  • Minimally invasive procedures
  • Personalized rehab programs
  • Prevention and education
  • Surgical interventions

We believe that an all-encompassing approach to heart and vascular care doesn't begin or end after your visit with us. It's about continuing heart and vascular healthcare.

Convenient Locations

At Bronson, we are dedicated to providing healthcare services where you need it. If this location does not match your healthcare needs, please refer to one of the following other locations:

  • Image of Bronson Methodist Hospital
  • Image of Bronson Methodist Hospital

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