Bronson Center for Women

The Bronson Center for Women is a place where prevention and early detection come together in an environment dedicated to meeting the unique needs of women. The Bronson Center for Women provides one-stop shopping for a wide range of services, including breast and bone and heart health, with educational programs and resources to help women achieve optimal health.

Our environment is designed with you in mind, combining comfort, convenience and privacy. For your peace of mind, we work closely with your healthcare provider to coordinate your care.

Our staff has expertise in women’s health and will partner with you to help you reach your health goals. And the Bronson Center for Women consistently has high patient satisfaction scores.

Our center offers the latest technologies, including:

Oncology nurse navigator 

• Computer-aided detection system for mammograms

Digital mammography

Breast ultrasound

Breast MRI

• Stereotactic breast biopsy

Breast ultrasound biopsy

Breast MRI biopsy

Bone density scan