Art Therapy at Bronson Children's Hospital - Bronson Healthcare
Our art therapy services help pediatric patients express their feelings through the creation of art. These activities can lower stress and pain levels and help improve healing and quality of life.

Benefits of Art Therapy

Our art therapy services can improve a child's hospital experience by:

  • Lowering stress levels
  • Helping with relaxation
  • Allowing children to share their feelings
  • Making children a part of their own care
  • Lowering feelings of helplessness
  • Teaching new problem-solving skills
  • Helping children gain more confidence
  • Helping patients process the complex emotions of chronic and physical illness
  • Helping patients communicate with symbols and expressions other than traditional verbal modes
  • Encouraging patients to reflect on and explore his or her personal imagery to work towards wellness

Our Art Therapy Team 

  • Is comprised of doctorate or master’s level mental health professionals
  • Work as primary therapists or as a part of a treatment team that includes doctors; nurse practitioners; nurses; psychiatrists; psychologists; physical, occupational, and speech therapists; counselors; and social workers
  •  Combines the creative process, psychological theories and counseling techniques with an understanding of human development
  • Is trained and certified to design individualized and personalized sessions for patients
  • Follows the standards, practices, policies and procedures of the Art Therapy Credentials Board

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