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A hospital can be a scary place for children. Our child life specialists soothe fears and bring comfort to help children cope and make everyone's stay a little more positive. You'll find these experts at Bronson Children's Hospital, the only children's hospital in southwest Michigan.

Benefits of Child Life Program

Child life services offer a range of benefits, including:

  • Emotional, psychological and social support
  • Easing the transition from the hospital to home or school
  • Educating patients and their families about procedures, surgeries and hospital routines in an honest and non-threatening way
  • Evaluating each child’s developmental stage and identifying age appropriate activities -- from newborns to adolescents               
  • Helping patients and families communicate with hospital staff
  • Interpreting the hospital experience in an age-appropriate way
  • Providing children and their families with coping strategies to use during scary and painful procedures
  • Providing opportunities for play, socializing crafts and normal activities
  • Using medical play, teaching dolls and pictures to help children understand what is happening

Our Child Life Program Team

Child life specialists understand children's fears and strive to make their health care experiences as worry free as possible. They support children's emotional, social and developmental needs by creating a comfortable, child-friendly environment.

Our program is designed to help restore a sense of normalcy to a patient’s life. And we achieve this through play, self-expression, peer interaction and family involvement.  

Child Life Internship & Practicum Experience

For More Information About the Child Life Program

  • For general questions about child life and information regarding our internship and practicum programs, call (269) 341-7608, ext. 1.
  • For child life volunteering questions or inquiries regarding Bronson Children’s Hospital, call (269) 341-7742, ext. 1.
  • Learn about all of Bronson’s children’s health services 


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