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Kohl's Cares is proud to partner with Bronson Children's Hospital to provide the tools and education children and parents need to avoid accidental injury.



Helmet Blitz May 7

Kohl's Health for Kids is a year-round community outreach program. It targets many facets of injury prevention through awareness, education and activities, such as health and safety fairs throughout Kalamazoo County.

Why Are Child Safety Efforts Needed?

  • Unintentional injury continues to be the leading cause of death and disability nationwide for children ages 1-14
  • During 2012, more than 7,500 children in Kalamazoo County were treated in the emergency department as a result of accidental injuries
  • 292 of those children sustained serious injuries that required inpatient hospitalization

Events and Activities

The Kohl’s Health for Kids program aims to substantially decrease childhood injuries and hospitalizations through events and activities, including:

  • Bronson’s brain injury prevention program including bicycle safety camps and helmet safety events.
  • Community health and safety fairs
  • Programs in Kalamazoo County schools
  • Car safety promotion including care seat checks and car seat education
  • Car Seat Safety

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