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Calling the Office

We have an automated phone system.  Here are some guidelines for you to follow that will assist us in processing your telephone call efficiently:

  • Press 1 - if you know your parties extension
  • Press 2 - if you are calling from a physician's office
  • Press 3 - to hear general office information - such as our office hours, fax number and address
  • Press 4 - to reach Scheduling – to check on the status of a referral, make or cancel an appointment, and ask questions about the time or location of your appointment
  • Press 5 - if you are returning a nurse's phone call
  • Press 6 - if you need a refill on a prescription
  • Press 7 - for Patient Financial Services – for questions regarding your billing statement. You may also call our Financial Services department directly at (269) 349-8930 or (269) 488-3685
  • Press 8 - if you are calling about a referral or would like to speak to the referral coordinator
  • Press 9 - for Medical Records – to receive copies of your records or those records of individuals you have authority to request
  • Press 0 - to reach the operator or if you have questions about your test results, procedure questions, and/or other digestive health issues

Our staff keeps all of your information confidential. If you call our office and a staff member isn’t available, give us as much information as possible. We will call you back as soon as possible.

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