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Fees & Insurance

Payment for your healthcare services from our doctors may be covered by your medical insurance. For every appointment, you will need to bring your insurance card(s).

At the time of your appointment you will need to pay any co-payments or deductibles that are due. We accept cash, checks and most major credit cards for our services.

You may be charged a small fee for copies of your medical records and for filling out medical forms.

After Your Visit

We will send claims for services we do in our office to your insurance company. You may get different bills for lab, X-ray and other testing procedures. Billing for these services will be sent to you or your insurance company.

Your claim will be submitted in a timely manner to your insurance or network administrator. Once a reply is received from the insurer, and should you have a secondary insurance, we will process a secondary claim with the appropriate documentation. It is our policy to only bill two insurances. After both insurances have responded to your claim, you will then receive a statement.

No Shows and Cancellations

In the event you are unable to make your appointment, we require 48 hours of advanced notice prior to your office or procedure appointment time. If you fail to notify our practice, there may be a no show/cancellation fee. After three missed office or procedure appointments, the practice may elect to terminate our relationship with you and "discharge" you from the practice.

Returned Checks/NSF Policy

If your check or payment is returned to us due to insufficient funds, we will charge you only what the bank charges our office.


We are contracted with many insurance companies and plans. To find out if we participate with your insurance company, see our Insurance Participation list. We encourage you to contact our billing office (269) 349-8930 or (269) 488-3686 if you have questions or concerns.

Your insurance company can explain what services will be paid for under your insurance plan, such as:

  • Preventive care
  • Any service that may require an approval or a referral from a doctor before your appointment.
  • If you need to have lab tests or X-rays taken at another facility other than Bronson.

If you have trouble paying a bill, need help with paying a bill or have questions about fees or insurance, contact our billing department at (269) 349-8930 or (269) 488-3686, Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Collection Policy

All unpaid balances are reviewed for collections after 90 days. Any fees incurred through collections are the patients responsibility.

We can work with you! Ultimately, we do request payment in full upon receipt of your mailed statement. If you find that this is not in your means, feel free to contact us to set up a payment plan. Payment plans are to be paid monthly. If a monthly payment is not received, the account will revert back to the original collection process. Should you be concerned about the financial aspects of your procedure, it is strongly recommended that you contact our Financial Services Department at (269) 349-8930 or (269) 488-3686.

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