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This center is dedicated to the diagnosis and management of urinary incontinence, which encompasses a wide range of causes, symptoms and treatment options.

More than 10 million men, women and children in the United States experience loss of bladder control. Because it is embarrassing, people often suffer in silence and limit their physical and social activities, eventually allowing it to take over their lives. Learn some common myths about incontinence. 

Conditions We Treat

  • All forms of urinary incontinence, including stress, urge, overflow and functional incontinence
  • Interstitial cystitis/painful bladder syndrome
  • Vaginal prolapse 
  • Urinary stomas

What to Expect

Bronson HealthCare Midwest Continence Center is supervised by a team of urologists with advanced training in the diagnosis and treatment of all conditions affecting the urinary system. The center will conduct an incontinence evaluation, done by an advanced practice registered nurse with a special interest in incontinence diagnosis and management.

Other Services

Other Location

  • 1535 Gull Road, Suite 150
    Kalamazoo, MI 49048
    Hours: Monday through Thursday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.


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