Bronson Pediatric Cardiology - Bronson Healthcare
Our pediatric cardiology expertise extends into several outreach clinics with staff on-hand to conduct exams and assessments. We offer a comprehensive evaluation of children with complex cardiac problems.

Your child may have been referred to Bronson Pediatric Cardiology at Bronson Children's Hospital for:

  • Heart murmur 
  • Palpitations (fast heart rate)
  • Syncope (fainting spells) 
  • Chest pain
  • Birth defect of the heart
  • Cardiovascular disease concerns

Your child was referred to Bronson Pediatric Cardiology because his or her condition requires additional review by an expert. When found early, cardiac problems can often be addressed more effectively than if later unnoticed or untreated. Our role is to manage your child's care and treatment to make sure his or her needs are being met. We help with your child's care throughout the healthcare system. After your child has been evaluated, the doctor will meet with you and your child to talk to you about his/her findings. A letter will be sent to your child's family doctor regarding the results of their visit. Also, an individual plan of care will be developed for your child. If further tests or treatments are recommended, you will be notified.