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Don’t put off the essential care you need because of COVID-19. We continue to safely schedule office appointments, surgeries and procedures so you can get the care you need now. Call your Bronson practice or a Bronson Care Advisor at (269) 341-7788 to schedule an office appointment or video visit with your provider.


Appointment Overview

To schedule an appointment for Bronson Pediatric Gastroenterology, call (269) 341-7784 or (800) 993-PEDS (7337). Our office is open from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday. To schedule an appointment, a referral from your child’s family doctor is needed for the first visit. At this time, we are only able to accept referrals for patients in Michigan. Follow-up appointments are made before you leave the office. There are times when we may need to change an appointment due to an emergency. We are sorry for any problems this may cause. If you are late for your appointment, we may ask you to change to another day and time.

For any problems your child may have we will try to see him or her the same day you call. Call early in the day. If the doctor, physician assistant or nurse practitioner you ask for is not here when you call and your child needs to be seen, one of our other healthcare providers will be glad to see him or her. Our goal is to make sure that all patients are seen as quickly as possible.

Your First Appointment

A referral from your child’s primary care doctor is required for an office visit. If your child has had any lab tests, X-rays, or biopsies, bring this paperwork to the first appointment. You will also need to bring your insurance card(s). Let your insurance company know why your child needs to see the doctor. This will help you get the best benefit from your insurance plan. It is important for you to get approval before your child sees our doctor. If you do not get approval before the appointment, you may have to pay for the first visit yourself.Write down and bring any questions you may have to the visit. It is important that a responsible adult caregiver who lives with the patient is present for all office visits. This provides consistent care evaluation as well as behavioral and home environment information. At your child’s appointment the doctor, physician assistant or the nurse practitioner will see your child first. A nurse who is trained in children’s health may also see your child. At this appointment we will:

  • Ask about your child’s health history
  • Look at any test results
  • Give your child a physical exam that includes checking
  • Height and weight
  • Talk to you about what your child eats

The appointment will be about thirty minutes. Bring diapers, bottles and snacks for your baby. For older children you may want to bring a snack and a couple of books/toys to play with while waiting.After the physical exam, the healthcare provider will talk with you and your child. Together, you will decide what to do next. A letter will be sent to update your child’s doctor.

Canceling an Appointment

We know that things may happen that make it hard to keep your appointment. We do ask that you call our office to let us know the day before the appointment if your child cannot come to the office when he or she is scheduled. This helps us to be able to see other patients who need to see the doctor.

Children Under 18 Years of Age

A parent or guardian must come with any child under 18 years of age for their appointment or give permission for treatment. The parent or guardian can give permission with a letter or consent form. The child needs to bring the letter or consent form to the appointment. Consent forms are available at our office.

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