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Your First Appointment

Your child’s doctor sent him or her to our office. If your child has had any lab tests, X-rays, or biopsies, bring this paperwork to the first appointment. You will also need to bring your child's insurance card(s). Please let your insurance company know why your child needs to see the Bronson Pediatric Surgery doctor. This will help you get the best benefit from your insurance plan. It is important for you to get approval before you child sees our doctor. If you do not get your approval before the appointment, you may have to pay for the first visit yourself.

Also, write down and bring any questions you may have to your child’s appointment. The first appointment will last about 30 minutes. If you have a baby, bring any diapers and snacks you might need. If your child is older, you might want to bring a snack and a couple of books/toys to play with while waiting.

Prenatal Consultation
Sometimes problems are found in babies before birth that need surgery. In these cases, the surgeon will meet with you to talk about the problem. They will discuss treatment options with you.

Your Child’s Exam
Your child will be seen by our pediatric surgeon. This surgeon is trained to operate on children. Your child will also be seen by a nurse who has special training in children’s health. At your child’s appointment we will:

  • Ask about your child’s medical history
  • Look at any test results
  • Give your child a physical exam that includes checking height and weight

Results of the Exam

After the physical exam, the surgeon will talk with you and your child. Together, you will decide what to do next. We will work with you to plan a time for surgery if it is needed. A letter will be sent to update your child’s doctor.

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