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Treatments We Offer

Face Treatments

We offer a number of face treatments, both cosmetic and constructive in nature. Cosmetic procedures include both surgical and non-surgical options.

Breast Treatments

From breast enlargements and lifts, to reductions for both men and women, we offer you the options you are seeking. We also offer an array of options for women choosing breast reconstruction. We can discuss the many options and assist you in making the choice that is best for you. Find out more about your breast treatment options here.

Body Treatments

Cosmetic body treatments range from abdominoplasties to liposuction and collagen or fat injections. We also offer a number of scar revision options depending on the particular type of scar you have.

Reconstructive surgeries range from burn reconstruction and skin cancer treatments, to skin grafting and flap surgery.

Find out more about our body treatment options.

Skin Care Treatments

We offer numerous skin care treatments as both alternative options to and supplemental treatments along with the treatments and procedures offered at Bronson Plastic Surgery Specialists.

All skin care and cosmetic laser treatments are offered at the Bronson Skin Care & Cosmetic Laser Center located within the same suite as our office. You can contact them directly at (269) 375-2672.

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