Bronson Vicksburg Outpatient Center

We offer a wide range of outpatient services. Round-the-clock emergency care, a full-service laboratory and infusion services are just a few convenient services we offer 24/7.

We always give first priority to life-threatening injuries or illnesses. Your immediate care is important to us. That’s why most patients are seen in less than 30 minutes in our emergency department.

Along with the other round-the-clock services we provide, you can receive 24-hour occupational health services here. Our employment-related healthcare programs through Bronson ProHealth® truly run the gamut of care.

When it comes to rehabilitation services, our experts specialize in speech-language pathology, occupational therapy and physical therapy. Our testing and diagnostic services are designed for the comfort and convenience of our patients. Timely, accurate and reliable test results are our main goals. And making sure you and your family understand every procedure is something we’re constantly focused on.

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