Bronson Primary Care Partners - Texas Corners

Don’t put off the essential care you need because of COVID-19. We continue to safely schedule office appointments, surgeries and procedures so you can get the care you need now. Call your Bronson practice or a Bronson Care Advisor at (269) 341-7788 to schedule an office appointment or video visit with your provider.

Bronson Primary Care Partners - Texas Corners (A Bronson Methodist Hospital facility)

Bronson Primary Care Partners - Texas Corners (A Bronson Methodist Hospital facility)
8088 Vineyard Parkway
Kalamazoo, MI

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Hours of Operation
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Main: (269) 286-7090
Fax: (269) 286-7091

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  • Family Medicine
  • Pediatrics
  • Primary Care

Whether you need a check-up, help managing a chronic condition or an expert medical consult, we're your healthcare partner for life's journey.

Our family medicine and pediatric providers offer comprehensive care for people of all ages, from babies to older adults and everyone in between. Our focus is on preventing illness, maintaining good health and providing care quickly when you or a family member is sick. Patients turn to our providers for:

  • Treatment for acute problems (like colds, flu or abdominal pain)
  • Treatment for chronic conditions (like diabetes or high blood pressure)
  • Preventive care, physicals and patient education
  • Dermatology services
  • Psychosocial care

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About Our Office

Fees, Insurance and Insurance Participation Welcome to Bronson Packet

To transfer your medical information from another office, complete the Medical Records Release Form.

Scheduling Your First Appointment

There are two ways for you to schedule your first appointment.

1. Click to schedule online: scroll to the bottom of this page, find your provider and click "New Patient? Schedule Online" button to get started.

2. Call (269) 341-7788 and talk with a Bronson Care Advisor, Monday - Friday, 8 a.m. - 6 p.m.

Note: Have you been a patient of one of the providers who will be practicing at Bronson Primary Care Partners before? Since they're new to Bronson, all patients are considered new patients, too. So, when scheduling your appointment, be sure to use the 'New Patient? Schedule Online' button.

Scheduling Any Other Appointment

Once you become a patient, you can schedule an appointment three ways:

1. Log on to your Bronson MyChart account.

2. If you're sick and need to talk to a clinician, call (269) 341-7788 and talk with a Bronson Care Advisor 24/7. They listen to your symptoms and help you decide what to do, including schedule an appointment with your provider, if needed.

3. Call our office.

Need Care Now?

When you’re sick or injured, you want to feel better as soon as possible. The first step is to schedule an appointment at our office. If your provider isn't available, another provider in the office may be able to see you right away. If not, BronsonConnect can help you get care quickly and conveniently. Check out the Need Care Now grid to match up your symptoms / condition with the immediate care option that best suits your needs.

Getting Ready for Your First Appointment

During your first visit, you and your provider will talk about your health history and medicine. By sharing your health history, it helps your doctor provide you with the best possible care. You need to fill out your new patient forms before your visit. The forms are in Bronson MyChart. Sign up for Bronson MyChart to get started.

You need to bring:

  • Insurance card
  • Photo ID card
  • List of medicine you take (or bring the bottles), including:
    • Prescription medicine
    • Over-the-counter medicine
    • Vitamins
  • Medical records from other doctors
  • Questions about your health

Before Your Appointment: eCheck In

Before your appointment, log in to your Bronson MyChart account and complete your e-Check in. It saves you time-and stress-the day of your visit by helping you verify all of your health and insurance information before your arrive.

Changes to Your Appointment

  • Some times we have to change your appointment. While rare, we know it's disappointing if it happens. We will do our best to find a new time that works well for you.
  • If you need to reschedule or cancel your appointment, call our office at least one day before your appointment. This lets us to see other patients who need to see your provider. If you repeatedly miss your appointment without calling us in advance, we may ask you to find a different office.
  • If you are late for your appointment, we may ask you to schedule a new appointment.
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    We're Now Open!

    Bronson Primary Care Partners invites you to become a patient at one of our new locations. Choose a provider below to get started.

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At your first appointment, your new provider will review the medicine you have been taking. They may talk to you about other options, including changing to different medicine.

This provider follows CDC guidelines for childhood shots (also called vaccinations). Please choose another Bronson provider if you do not plan to vaccinate your child.

This provider cannot see patients who take controlled substances for pain management. Please choose another Bronson provider.

This provider does not provide care for patients who take more than two prescribed medicines on a regular basis. Please choose another Bronson provider.

This provider cannot provide care for patients who are under the age of 18. Please choose another Bronson provider.

This provider asks women to see an OB/GYN provider for gynecological exams. He welcomes women for all other healthcare.

This provider doesn’t provide care for patients who take behavioral health medicine. Please choose another Bronson provider.

This provider isn’t currently accepting new Medicaid patients. Please choose another Bronson provider.

This provider cannot provide care for patients who are above the age of 18. Please choose another Bronson provider.

This provider is currently only accepting pediatric patients. If you are over the age of 18, please choose another Bronson provider.

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