Bronson Primary Care Partners

Don’t put off the care you need because of COVID-19. We continue to safely schedule inpatient and outpatient services at Bronson facilities. Schedule your appointment online, call your Bronson practice or call a Bronson Care Advisor at (269) 341-7788. Many providers also offer video visits. Learn more.

Bronson Primary Care Partners

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Bronson Primary Care Partners


  • Family Medicine
  • General Pediatrics
  • Primary Care

Your Healthcare Partner for Life's Journey.

When you find a primary care provider you trust and who understands your needs, you want to stay with them for life, even when they move to a new location. Bronson is proud to welcome more than 60 experienced providers who have been providing family medicine and pediatric care in our communities for years, mostly at Ascension Borgess ProMed.

Fees & Insurance Participation

To learn about Bronson Primary Care Partner fees, insurance participation and or ask an insurance question, click here.

We're Open: Schedule Your First Appointment at Bronson

You can schedule your first appointment online: Find your provider and click "New Patient? Schedule Online" button to get started. You can also call one of our offices directly:

Bronson Primary Care Partners - 9th St.
5973 Beatrice Dr., Kalamazoo, MI (Located near I-94 & 9th Street)
(269) 286-7110

    Bronson Primary Care Partners - East Centre Ave.
    2700 East Centre Ave., Portage, MI
    (269) 286-7050

      Bronson Primary Care Partners - Galesburg
      10310 Miller Dr., Galesburg, MI (Located near I-94 & S. 35th Street)
      (269) 286-7150

      Bronson Primary Care Partners - Richland
      8906 M-89, Richland, MI
      (269) 286-7130

      Bronson Primary Care Partners - Texas Corners
      8088 Vineyard Parkway, Texas Corners
      (269) 286-7090

      Bronson Primary Care Partners - Three Rivers
      601 S. US 131, Three Rivers, MI
      (269) 286-7070

      Bronson Primary Care Partners - West Main St.
      6210 West Main St., Kalamazoo, MI (Located behind Bronson FastCare)
      (269) 286-7030

        To transfer your medical information from another office, complete the Medical Records Release Form.

        Need Care Now?

        Click to schedule online using Find A Doctor or call to schedule with a Bronson Care Advisor, (269) 341-7788. Both options help you choose a provider that's right for you and can even schedule your first appointment! You can also find immediate care options based on your need using our simple grid.

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          Need a New Family Medicine Doctor?

          Bronson Primary Care Partners is now open with 60 providers at seven brand new locations.

          Schedule Online Now

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        MyChart Participant

        • Yes

        At your first appointment, your new provider will review the medicine you have been taking. They may talk to you about other options, including changing to different medicine.

        This provider follows CDC guidelines for childhood shots (also called vaccinations). Please choose another Bronson provider if you do not plan to vaccinate your child.

        This provider cannot see patients who take controlled substances for pain management. Please choose another Bronson provider.

        This provider does not provide care for patients who take more than two prescribed medicines on a regular basis. Please choose another Bronson provider.

        This provider cannot provide care for patients who are under the age of 18. Please choose another Bronson provider.

        This provider asks women to see an OB/GYN provider for gynecological exams. He welcomes women for all other healthcare.

        This provider doesn’t provide care for patients who take behavioral health medicine. Please choose another Bronson provider.

        This provider isn’t currently accepting new Medicaid patients. Please choose another Bronson provider.

        This provider cannot provide care for patients who are above the age of 18. Please choose another Bronson provider.

        This provider is currently only accepting pediatric patients. If you are over the age of 18, please choose another Bronson provider.

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