Referrals and Transfers - Bronson Healthcare

Referrals and Transfers

Referring or transferring your patients to Bronson is simple.

  • BronsonFirst: Call (800) BRONSON or (800) 276-6766 for inpatient transfers, admits and/or consults.
  • EpicCare Link: provides secure, convenient access to patient information through your browser when and where you need it. With it you can:
    • Easily share information with physicians.
    • Quickly and seamlessly refer patients and place orders.
    • Access and review your patient's chart.
  • Referrals to Bronson practices and providers
    • Forms
    • Outpatient order grids, guides, tips and tricks
    • Bronson practice and services information and maps
    • Health condition management documents
    • Participating payors

Bronson First

Bronson makes it easy to transfer, admit and/or request a consult.

One call does it all (800) BRONSON or (800) 276-6766. An experienced nurse answers the phone 24/7.

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