Referrals and Transfers

Referrals and Transfers

Referring or transferring your patients to Bronson is simple.

  • BronsonFirst: Call (800) BRONSON or (800) 276-6766 for inpatient transfers, admits and/or consults.
  • EpicCare Link: provides secure, convenient access to patient information through your browser when and where you need it. With it you can:
    • Easily share information with physicians.
    • Access and review your patient's chart.
    • Log in or request an account. Need help? E-mail the Bronson HelpDesk or call (269) 341-6330.
    • EpicCare Link Community Partner: Bronson shares its Epic electronic health record with physician groups in the region, creating a single community-wide patient record. Physicians on Epic can share clinical information in one patient record, communicate directly with these physicians via InBasket and send referrals within the Epic system. Bronson currently shares Bronson’s instance of Epic with the following community members who are using it in their outpatient offices:
      • Advanced Radiology BARS Clinic
      • Bronson Advanced Cardiac Healthcare
      • Family Health Center of Kalamazoo
      • Kalamazoo College Student Clinic
      • Paragon Nephrology Center of Kalamazoo
      • Western Michigan School of Medicine Clinics

Bronson First

Bronson makes it easy to transfer, admit and/or request a consult.

One call does it all (800) BRONSON or (800) 276-6766. An experienced nurse answers the phone 24/7.

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