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Photo of New Bronson South Haven Lobby.Bright and beautiful from floor to soaring ceiling, we’re proud to welcome you and your family to the new Bronson South Haven Hospital.

Here, you’ll find the Bronson providers, staff, technology and services you’ve come to rely on in a contemporary healing environment that you’ll immediately love. Parking is close to the entrance and everything is so easy to find. The two-story, 52,000 square foot, state-of-the-art facility is located directly east of the existing hospital and is accessible from both Blue Star Highway and Bailey Avenue.

A large open two-story lobby greets patients, families and staff and offers multiple amenities including a café, greeter station and convenient registration area with private bays.

Photo of New Bronson South Haven ED Hallway.The first floor Emergency Department has 14 examination rooms and trauma bays, a separate waiting area and a central nurse station that allows staff to have a 360◦ view of the entire department. The ambulance entrance is positioned on the south side of the building where it is easily accessible to emergency vehicles and to the helipad for patients requiring air transport.

The Radiology department next to the Emergency Department, allows quick and efficient transport of emergency patients for imaging services. It serves inpatients and outpatients offering MRI, CT, nuclear medicine, X-ray, fluoroscopy, ultrasound, mammography, bone density imaging, pulmonary function testing and stress testing.

Photo of New Bronson South Haven Inpatient Room.The Core Lab provides expedited processing of specimens from the ED and is centrally located to serve all departments in the hospital. An adjacent phlebotomy area with four private bays offers privacy and easy access for outpatients who need a blood draw for testing. Pharmacy services are also located on the first floor providing easy in and out access for prescriptions and retail items.

The Inpatient Unit has six private rooms and one semi-private room. Each room has windows with nature views, a comfortable seating area for family and guests, and its own bathroom, which includes a shower and storage area for personal items.

Elevators and stairs provide access to the outpatient clinics on the second floor, home to Bronson family medicine, pediatric and internal medicine practices in addition to the obstetrics, gynecology & midwifery practice.

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Dr. Matt Dommer Speaks with COSY-FM's Paul Layendecker

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Read the news release about the opening of the new hospital.

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