2022 Nursing & Sunshine Awards

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  • Photo of the 25 award winners honored during the 2022 Nurses' Week celebrations.

Bronson Recognizes Nurses and Sunshine Caregivers With Awards for Excellence

Bronson celebrates Nurses’ Week each year during the second week of May. Throughout the week, awards are presented to a select group of Nurses and Sunshine Caregivers who exemplify Positivity and are shining examples of what it means to be a Bronson nurse/caregiver. Award categories include:

  • DAISY Award: The DAISY Award is a nursing award made possible through the not-for-profit DAISY (Diseases Attacking the Immune System) Foundation. The award is presented throughout the year to nurses at hospitals across the United States. Bronson LakeView and Bronson South Haven Hospital present this award to one exceptional nurse each year during Nurses’ Week. Learn more about the award at daisyfoundation.org. Nominations for the DAISY Award are typically submitted by patients. Teammates and leaders may also submit a DAISY nomination for a fellow nurse. To nominate a Bronson nurse for the DAISY Award, visit bronsonthankanurse.com.
  • Excellence in Nursing Awards (Hazel Latondress Awards): These are annual awards presented to Bronson Battle Creek and Bronson Methodist Hospital nurses. Based on nominations from their leaders and/or peers, winners represent one of the key areas of the Nursing Professional Model of Care: leadership, compassion, respect, pride, expertise and impact.
  • Sunshine Award: This is an annual award presented to Bronson Battle Creek, Bronson LakeView, Bronson Methodist and Bronson South Haven caregivers who go above-and-beyond to help our clinical staff provide exceptional care for patients and families. Nominations for the Sunshine Award are made by colleagues and leaders. Winners are known for their teamwork, skills and positivity.

Join us in honoring our 2022 award winners. Read the nominations below to discover the important role these team members play in ensuring a positive experience for every patient, every time.

DAISY Award Winners

Photos of the two Bronson DAISY Award Winners, recognized during 2022 Nurses' Week Celebrations.

April Filbrandt is a Nurse on the Bronson South Haven General Care Unit.

“My dad was very weak and hard of hearing, and April demonstrated patience, care and kindness with all of her interactions with him. She never spoke over him or ignored him because of his hearing limitations, but instead interacted with him to make sure he was comfortable and understood any care she was providing. She willingly spent time with me, his daughter, on a daily basis to ensure that I understood the next steps of my father’s care, lab results and recommended treatments, and just generally provided comfort to me during this difficult time for my father.” Read April’s full nomination and see more photos now.

Brittany Hemenway is a Nurse on the Bronson LakeView Hospital General Care Unit.

“Our 4 year old son recently had a surgical procedure and to say we were nervous would be an understatement. From the moment Brittany entered the room, we felt more at ease. She was so kind and patient and her warm smile was reassuring. There was no doubt she was busy but she went above and beyond to take care of our son and even us as parents!” Read Brittany’s full nomination and see more photos now.

Excellence in Nursing Award Winners

Photos of the eleven Bronson Excellence in Nursing Award Winners, recognized during 2022 Nurses' Week Celebrations.


Jenna Roberts is a Nurse on the Oncology Unit /C5 at Bronson Battle Creek Hospital.

“On one instance, Jenna took the time to sit down with a patient with high needs. The patient was very anxious, confused, and in lots of pain. In order to comfort the patient, Jenna sat and talked with the patient, while also offering constant aid and comfort (warm blankets, extra pillows, etc.). Jenna took the time to relate to the patient and talk about family and life. On more than one occasion this little moment of kindness extends more than others can imagine.” Read Jenna’s full nomination and see more photos now.

Tasha Williams is a Nurse at Bronson Orthopedic Trauma, Foot & Ankle Specialists in Kalamazoo.

“My recovery was much worse than anticipated and Tasha showed me nothing but compassion and understanding. She never once acted annoyed or frustrated with my repeated questions. I have been a Bronson employee for 35 years but it’s never easy when you find yourself on the patient side of things. Bronson is lucky to have her.” Read Tasha’s full nomination and see more photos now.


Michele Thomas is an Oncology Nurse at the Bronson Cancer Center in Battle Creek.

“Our department moved to the Epic medical record in 2021, to align with the rest of the Bronson system. Michele was a member of a team that developed hundreds of treatment plans to be utilized in the Epic system for the cancer program. She spent endless hours evaluating NCCN guidelines, nursing guidelines and medication information to create plans that provide safe, accurate information.” Read Michele’s full nomination and see more photos now.

Michelle Wirebaugh is a Trauma & Emergency Nurse at Bronson Methodist Hospital.

“Michelle has many years of nursing experience and an infectious passion for emergency medicine. She mentors new nurses with professionalism and grace. She also guides the entire team, fostering a nurturing, learning relationship and building competence and confidence. Michelle starts each RN orientation by spending extra time with the new nurses to get an idea of their unique strengths and weaknesses. She then pairs them with an RN mentor who can best support the new nurse with growth in those areas. Michelle offers lectures on emergency medicine care for all body systems, working through challenging care scenarios and offering clinical pearls for each category. She immerses herself in each new nurse’s 10-16 week orientation and has fully trained more than 20 new nurses in the past year alone.” Read Michelle’s full nomination and see more photos now.


Nicole Brown is a Wound Care Nurse at the Acute Burn Clinic at Bronson Battle Creek Hospital.

“Over the past three years, we have had four different managers in our department. It is Nicole’s knowledge and expertise of this clinic that every new person seeks out and learns from. She educates, trains and manages the areas [of the clinic] that others of us do not even know exist, so that myself and my co-workers, and especially our patients, have not had to feel the burden of all of the transitions that have taken place. I love my job, and I love this clinic, and I am extremely grateful for people like Nicole who has represented Bronson in such a positive light.” Read Nicole’s full nomination and see more photos now.


Gaye Mianecke is a Pediatric Hematology/Oncology Nurse at Bronson Children’s Hospital.

“Gaye was working as an on-call nurse when there was a complete turnover of nurses on our unit. Gaye stepped up and took a part-time position so that we could keep some continuity of care for our very fragile patients. She stepped up when a lot of nurses were stepping down. Coworkers look to Gaye for guidance in difficult situations, whether it be a difficult IV start or how to get a job done. Even physicians look to Gaye for assistance with coordinating patient care. Gaye is always willing to help, no matter how big or small the task.” Read all of Gaye’s nominations and see more pictures now.

Nicole Sheldon is a Nurse on the Oncology/C5 Unit at Bronson Battle Creek Hospital.

“About a year ago, there was a need for strong leadership on night shifts, so Nicole flipped and took over as charge nurse to help out the unit and with staff. She has done this time and time again – stayed on nights to guide those of us who look up to her. Nicole is someone that I, as well as many of us on the floor, look forward to working with. I have enjoyed planning events and team building with her as a part of the Nursing Council. She promotes a healthy work environment and makes you want to come to work to be her co-worker.” Read Nicole’s full nomination and see more pictures now.


Andrew Bos is a Nurse on the Trauma Care Unit/TCU at Bronson Methodist Hospital.

“Andy’s pride is seen in many parts of his nursing practices. He loves to educate both his patient and the new staff in TCU. He coaches others in the use of standard work in both charge and preceptor roles. Andy enjoys problem solving and is active in helping solve unit problems. As a bonus, he also is able to seek resolution to any personnel conflicts with a positive attitude. Not only is he a great nurse, he is willing to tackle added tasks that benefit the unit and our patients. Once he used his handyman skills to modify wire baskets that hold ventilator supplies!” Read Andrew’s full nomination and see more pictures now.

Natalie Servis is a Nurse on the Post-Anesthesia Care Unit/PACU at Bronson Battle Creek Hospital.

“Natalie takes personal and professional pride in everything she does. She is a preceptor for new nurses and also serves as a formal and informal leader in the PACU. Natalie is someone I personally rely upon to seek out creative new approaches to challenges identified by PACU staff.” Read Natalie’s full nomination and see more photos now.


Bailey Karas is a Nurse at Bronson Obstetrics & Gynecology Specialists in Kalamazoo.

“Bailey is very in tune with her patients and what they need, including the ability to be empathize and be thoughtful with the tone of her voice based upon each unique situation. For example, if a patient recently lost a baby, she is intentional in using a calm soothing voice to ensure a respectful, quiet environment. In addition to respecting her patients, Bailey also treats her teammates and physicians with respect. She is sure to always communicate in a timely fashion so that additional care can be completed as quickly as possible, such as getting physicians in the rooms or getting ultrasounds completed.” Read Bailey’s full nomination and see more photos now.

Rising Star

Gabrielle Olsen is a Nurse in the Bronson Battle Creek Emergency Department.

“Gabby is a true example of Bronson Positivity. She has stepped up to the plate and excelled. She is familiar with Bronson’s standards of excellence and it is evident in the way that she treats patients and other employees with dignity and respect. There was a granddaughter of a patient that said ‘My grandfather had exceptional care, however his nurse Gabby went above and beyond and I knew that he was in great hands. This was a terrible time for our family and Gabby took time to answer all of our questions, performed thorough checks and reassured us. Even though the ED was inundated with patients, Gabby even took the time to call me when my grandfather was transferred.’” Read Gabrielle’s full nomination and see more photos now.

Sunshine Award Winners

Photos of the twelve Bronson Sunshine Award Winners, recognized during 2022 Nurses' Week Celebrations.

Lori Baker is a Radiology Tech at Bronson Methodist Hospital.

“The operating room (like everywhere) has recently had a lot of turnover. This particularly impacted our vascular team, as we are one of the more complex specialties in the OR and require a lot of equipment that many staff members are unfamiliar and/or uncomfortable with. As staff members transitioned to help with vascular surgeries, many were not excited. Lori, however, had a positive attitude and now works in room 21 every day and spends her days helping and training new people. She is knowledgeable and kind, and helps at every step of the case. When she is off, the room runs less smoothly and is she is missed.” Read Lori’s full nomination and see more photos now.

Amanda Boydston is a Patient Care Assistant on the General Care Unit/GCU at Bronson South Haven Hospital.

“While my 95 year old father was hospitalized for six days, Amanda cared for him with extreme kindness, gentleness and compassion. She was always supportive, positive and engaging with my dad and made him feel like he was a special guest, not just a patient. She also gave me caring attention and support. Knowing that this was a stressful time for me and that I had traveled from out of state to be with my father, she encouraged me to take care of myself. On the first night, she reminded me to take care of myself because ‘you cannot pour from an empty cup.’ That level of compassion and encouragement meant the world to me, as I repeated that phrase throughout my dad’s stay.” Read Amanda’s full nomination and see more photos now.

Nicole Campbell is a Medical Assistant at Bronson Family Medicine – Stadium Dr.

“Nicole will look ahead at the schedule and brainstorm ways to make a visit special for someone. Just today she gave away a Pokémon card to a teen after a vaccination. She had promised him this at his last visit and was true to her word. It made his day! It’s a pleasure to work with someone who actively seeks out ways to go above and beyond for our patients.” Read Nicole’s full nomination and see more photos now.

Lara Fee is a Medical Assistant at Bronson South Haven Pediatrics.

“The pride Lara takes in her work is truly inspiring and her work ethic speaks for itself. She is really a burst of sunshine. I can hear her rooming her patients throughout the day, and she is so kind, calm and gentle with each patient. She explains each step she needs to take to not only the parents, but to the children. She is willing to speak up with ideas that could help improve our office. Lara is a great example for her co-workers, and I can’t believe how lucky I am to have her on my team.” Read all of Lara’s nominations and see more photos now.

Susana Gasca is a Medical Assistant at Bronson LakeView Family Care – Decatur.

“In my 25 plus years of medical practice, I’ve had the privilege of working closely with hundreds of medical assistants. Susana Gasca not only stands out, she is in a field all her own. She wins the confidence of her patients with her calm, caring manner. She connects with each and every patient, making them feel special and cared for.” Read Susana’s full nomination and see more photos now.

Maggie Graham is a Patient Care Assistant on the Ortho Surgical Unit/OSU at Bronson Methodist Hospital.

“Maggie is truly a ray of sunshine! All of us nurses love it when we see her name in the assignment book. She is a hard worker! She ensures all of her patients get what they need! She takes her time and goes above and beyond.” Read Maggie’s full nomination and see more photos now.

Carolyn Taylor-Haroff is a Unit Clerk in the Pre-Op Surgery Department at Bronson Battle Creek Hospital.

“Carolyn is kind, selfless, compassionate and dedicated. She goes above and beyond her role of Unit Clerk. She does whatever is needed and what sets her apart from others is the positive attitude that she brings to work every day no matter what is going on in her life. During staffing shortages and COVID, she picked up extra shifts in other areas and never once missed a shift because she was tired or stressed.” Read Carolyn’s full nomination and see more photos now.

LeNette Hicks is a Medical Assistant at Bronson Internal Medicine – John. St.

“LeNette is the embodiment of Bronson positivity. She puts her heart and soul into her job. She not only cares for the patients, but also her co-workers. She is always the first to greet you with a ‘good morning!’ and shows that she genuinely cares by remembering personal things – like birthdays or your family member’s names. I am proud to be able to work with such an amazing person.” Read LeNette’s full nomination and see more photos now.

Marissa Kinsley is a Medical Assistant at the Bronson Cancer Center in Battle Creek.

“Marissa is phenomenal in her role as MA. Not only does she do all the things expected of an MA competently and with good cheer, she has taken an “ownership” of patients and families in her extra role as lead MA for the palliative care team. These are some of the most vulnerable, and at times complex, patients that we see at the Bronson Cancer Center, and a strong confident connection with a patient is one of the best interventions that we can offer. Marissa is able to make that connection, get people feeling confident in seeing the palliative providers, and put them at ease.” Read all of Marissa’s nominations now.

Carol Neudeck is a Patient Care Assistant in the General Care Unit/GCU at Bronson LakeView Hospital.

“I am 81 years old and came into the hospital scared and alone. Upon getting to my room, I badly needed a bath. Carol stepped right up to help. Then she brought me fresh, warm blankets for my bed. She talked me through some of my toughest times. She helped make my journey here the most comfortable possible.” Read Carol’s full nomination and see more photos now.

Ashlie Ploski is an ED Tech in the Bronson Methodist Hospital Emergency Department.

“Ashlie went out of her way with the care she provided during my husband’s recent trip to the hospital. My husband was very agitated and couldn’t sit still. She relaxed him so much. She wrote down where he was going to be transferred, phone numbers, etc. I am a nurse myself. I have never worked with anyone like her!” Read Ashlie’s full nomination and see more photos now.

Darci Smith is an Acute Care Assistant on the Oncology Unit/C5 at Bronson Battle Creek Hospital.

“We had a patient who underwent a routine procedure, but encountered multiple complications. He stayed with us for several weeks. At the end, the family came to the decision that this patient was very sick and his wishes were to be made comfortable at the end of life. The family was extremely heartbroken. Darci was his ACA the day that this decision was made. Although the patient could not verbalize his needs or wants at this time, Darci told him she’d be right back with a razor and shaving cream, as he was starting to get very gruffy. Darci began shaving his face and talked to him the whole time, even though he could not talk back to her. The family was so happy she did this for him as he died very shortly after. These touching moments are what make a difference in both the patients and families lives. It’s the little things that matter.” Read Darci’s full nomination and see more photos now.

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