There’s Always a Need for Breast Milk – An Irreplaceable Gift

Published on December 15, 2017

There’s Always a Need for Breast Milk – An Irreplaceable Gift

During the busy holiday season, Bronson Mothers’ Milk Bank is putting out a reminder that the need for breast milk is constant. The milk is used to support babies in Neonatal Intensive Care Units whose own moms are unable to produce enough milk on their own.

“We often notice this time of year, that our freezers start getting little low on milk,” says Cindy Duff, system manager of nursing at Bronson Mothers Milk Bank. “Our donations tend to go down because we know calendars start to fill up with other activities and sometimes breast milk donation isn’t a priority. But, we also know how generous and caring many women who have a surplus of breast milk are. When they know there is a need, they step up with this irreplaceable gift to support the health of the tiniest of babies.”

Photo of mother with newborn baby.Trenise Ford’s sons, Avante and Adarrion, are among the patients in Bronson’s Neonatal Intensive Care Unit who are counting on milk from the milk bank. The boys were born at The Birthplace at Bronson at just 26 weeks. Avante weighed 2 lbs., 1.1 oz. and Adarrion weighed 2 lbs., 9.8 oz. A few weeks after they were born, Trenise was no longer able to produce breast milk. The boys have been receiving donor milk ever since. The breast milk is not only easier for sick babies to digest than formula, but it also helps them better fight off viruses and bacteria and helps babies grow and develop properly.
“I appreciate having the donor milk for my two babies,” says Trenise. “I’m very thankful to Bronson and the women who donated.”

Photo of mother holding a newborn baby.Along with fewer donors right now, the need for healthy breast milk continues to grow. Bronson Mothers’ Milk Bank is one of only 26 milk banks in the country and the only one in Michigan. The bank supplies milk to neonatal units throughout Michigan and spanning into other areas within the United States. The amount of milk that is being sent to hospitals outside of the Bronson network has been steadily increasing each year.

The bank is in need of support from any mothers who have a surplus of breast milk. If you are able and willing to make a donation, call the Bronson Mothers’ Milk Bank at (269) 341-6146. Visit for more details.