Bronson Battle Creek Nationally Recognized for Cancer Care

Published on May 28, 2018

Bronson Battle Creek Nationally Recognized for Cancer Care

Over the past several months, Bronson Battle Creek (BBC) has earned national CoC
recognition for the quality of cancer care it provides to the community. Recent honors include the American College of Surgeons (ACoS) Commission on Cancer (CoC) Accreditation, the American Society for Radiation Oncology’s (ASTRO) Accreditation Program of Excellence (APEx), and National Accreditation Program for Breast Centers (NAPBC). Together, they showcase the clinical excellence and wide variety of capabilities provided at The Cancer Care Center.

“Receiving these accreditations is a reflection of not only the hard work that our team puts in on a daily basis, but also the spectrum of high level cancer care that our patients can receive close to home,” says Jim McKernan, senior vice president and chief operating officer of Bronson Battle Creek Hospital. “The capabilities of our teams stretch across a variety of areas. From genetic assessments, to survivorship, to radiation and surgical oncology, to overall cancer care, our patients have come to know and expect excellence, regardless of what type of cancer they’re receiving treatment for. We’re proud of the high level accreditations that we’ve received at our cancer care center and to have the privilege of providing care to our community.”

The CoC granted BBC another three-year accreditation with six out of six commendations, the highest commendation achievable for the Cancer Care Center. The hospital has been accredited by the CoC since 1995 and has received several outstanding achievement awards.

“We are very proud to have maintained this accreditation for over 20 years,” says Randy Mudge, M.D., medical director of The Cancer Care Center and director of subspecialty practices at Bronson Medical Group™. “We are committed to providing the safest, highest level of care to our patients, and our reaccreditation is a reflection of the hard work our team has invested.”

As a CoC-accredited cancer center, BBC takes a multidisciplinary approach to treating cancer as a complex group of diseases that allows for consultation among surgeons, medical and radiation oncologists, diagnostic radiologists, pathologists and other cancer specialists. For patients, this means that they can expect continuous improvements in patient care. The CoC accreditation program offers a framework for BBC to provide quality patient care through various cancer-related programs. These focus on all aspects of cancer care including prevention, early diagnosis, cancer staging, optimal treatment, rehabilitation, life-long follow-up for recurrent disease and end-of-life care.

When patients receive care at a CoC facility, they also have access to information on clinical trials and new treatments, genetic counseling and patient centered services including psycho-social support, a patient navigation process and a survivorship care plan that documents the care each patient receives and seeks to improve cancer survivors’ quality of life.

BBC defines a cancer survivor as any person who been diagnosed with cancer, whether they are still in treatment or not. “My role at the cancer care center is to provide survivorship support for our cancer patients. There are many changes that cancer survivors experience throughout their journey, and survivorship is a very important aspect of that,” says Tim Sparling, the survivorship and advanced illness management coordinator at the Bronson Cancer Care Center - Battle Creek. “My role is to help with care for cancer patients beyond their treatment. I customize plans with input from the treatment team for each patient to support their body, mind and spirit.”

BBC received a four-year accreditation for radiation oncology services from ASTRO, the largest radiation oncology society in the world. The APEx accreditation focuses specifically on five pillars of patient care: the process of care, the radiation oncology team, safety, quality management and patient-centered care. In what is normally completed in a twelve month time frame, the team at BBC completed within seven months and became one of just two APEx accredited cancer centers in the state of Michigan. At the time of accreditation, BBC was one of only 34 centers in the nation with this accreditation, including M.D. Anderson and Johns Hopkins.

According to Ron Spruyette, a patient at the Bronson Cancer Care Center - Battle Creek who received radiation treatment for prostate cancer last fall, “My wife and I felt like we were in a fog going into that first appointment.” Ron, a retiree-now-hobby farmer from Bellevue said, “After that first meeting with Dr. Mudge, everything was cleared up for us. He was compassionate, understanding and explained everything so well.”

NAPBC awarded BBC a three-year accreditation for breast cancer services. This is the second term in a row that it has been recognized for the high level of care it provides for breast cancer patients. When someone is receiving care at an NAPBC-accredited breast cancer center, they have access to a variety of services including comprehensive care, a multidisciplinary team, options to participate in clinical trials, and quality breast cancer treatment close to home.