Bronson Battle Creek Recognizes Nurses During Nurses' Week - Bronson Healthcare

Published on May 19, 2015

Bronson Battle Creek Recognizes Nurses During Nurses' Week

Nurses throughout the Bronson Healthcare system were recognized during Nurses’ Week May 11 to 15. At Bronson Battle Creek, Amy Wirth, RN and Eleanor Gunnerson, RN, received the DAISY Award for Extraordinary Nurses. They were nominated by their patients for providing exceptional customer experiences and going above and beyond to ensure they received the care they needed.

Wirth, a nurse in the orthopedic unit, was recognized for the compassion and support she provided to her patient during a time of need. As soon as Wirth met her patient, she developed a strong connection with her – learning her likes, dislikes and wishes. Later that evening when the patient was rushed to the critical care unit, Wirth was able to communicate the patient’s wishes in a time where decision-making was crucial. “I do not know how many people she had to convince about my wishes… but she took ownership of the issue. Amy was the perfect advocate and a caring, compassionate nurse,” said the patient. Having taken the time to get to know the patient, Wirth was able to provide invaluable life-changing support.

Wirth has been a nurse at Bronson Battle Creek since October of 2013. She has an associate’s degree in nursing and has plans to continue her education and obtain a Master of Science in Nursing with a focus in nursing education.

Gunnerson, a nurse in the cardiology unit, was recognized for providing patient and family-centered care and providing exceptional customer experiences. “Ellie was not only there for my husband, but she was there for my kids and me,” a patient’s family member said. Gunnerson is known for being kind and compassionate, as well as making patients and families feel welcomed and supported. Another patient’s family member said, “Just when we think we are isolated in the giving of her care, as I walk through the hall, I hear her giving the same care to all of her patients.”

Gunnerson has been a nurse at Bronson Battle Creek for two and a half years. Nursing has been a lifelong dream of hers and her passion is caring for patients with heart disease. In the future, she would like to become an educator to teach the next generation of nurses in Michigan.

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