Bronson Battle Creek Recognizes Nurses for Excellence in Nursing

Bronson Battle Creek Recognizes Excellence in Nursing Award Winners

On October 6, Bronson Battle Creek held a small, socially distanced celebration to honor the most recent Excellence in Nursing Award winners. Normally celebrated during Nurses’ Week in May, the recipients of these awards are recognized as representatives of the key areas of the Nursing Professional Model of Care: leadership, compassion, respect, pride, expertise and impact. Honorees include:

  • Sarah Barton, BSN, RN, a diabetes nurse, is the recipient of the Hazel Latondress Expertise Award. In her nomination letters, it is explained that Sarah is the go-to person at Bronson. “She teaches classes several nights a month, educating diabetic patients and their families. She holds support groups and walks on Fridays at Riverside Park for her patients and diabetic team. She is sought out by staff nurses, case managers and teachers who are in need of accurate information for the diabetics in their care. We are all fortunate to have such an experienced, devoted, expert nurse working in our hospital and community, making the lives of people with diabetes manageable and healthier.” Read Sarah’s full nomination.
  • Tiffany McDonald, BSN, BSZ, RN, a pre/post admissions nurse (PACU), is the recipient of the Hazel Latondress Impact Award. Tiffany’s nomination explains how she has played a major role in helping reduce fall risks for post-operation patients. “She developed a process where any patient can receive a walker after surgery through the Medical at Home services. And for patients who cannot afford to pay for a walker out of pocket and don’t have insurance – she created a loaner program where they can use a walker from the hospital and return it when it is no longer needed. She also implemented having physical therapy come onto the post-op unit to work with our fall-risk patients before discharge.” Read Tiffany’s full nomination.
  • Kim Morris, BSN, RN, a nurse on the neurovascular unit (NVU/C2), is the recipient of the Rising Star Award. “Although Kim is considered to be novice nurse, as she has been a nurse for less than two years, she demonstrates exceptional care through her decision making and care. But, with her high standard of care and knowledge, you would assume she has been practicing for much longer. Her spirit and positive attitude light up our unit, and she is always striving to do the best she possibly can in any situation.” Read Kim’s full nomination.
  • Constance Ramsey, BSN, RN, a nurse on the neurovascular unit (NVU/C2), is the recipient of the Hazel Latondress Pride Award. “Constance is a shining example of what it means to take pride in your profession. Her engagement is apparent by her role as leader on our Nursing Council. As council lead, she has been instrumental in organizing and implementing several volunteer activities. Also, she is sought ought by her peers for her clinical knowledge and expertise. She is confident in her decision-making, and her inquisitive nature allows her to seek clarification and understanding of complex issues. In addition, Constance is a role model to newly hired nurses in her capacity as preceptor. Constance is a joy to have on the unit. Her spirit is contagious and her energy around uplifting and supporting nurses is unparalleled.” Read Constance’s full nomination.
  • Jeff Roberts, BSN, RN, a nurse in the emergency department, is the recipient of the Hazel Latondress Leadership Award. “Throughout his time at Bronson, Jeff has held multiple leadership positions in the ED. He has been a relief charge nurse and the chairperson of the ED Nursing Unit Council. In this role, he spearheaded multiple charitable endeavors and worked to improve the relationship and communication between the ED and MICU, allowing for streamlined care between units. He is a hands-on charge nurse who actively assists in both routine care and emergent cases, no task being beneath him.” Read Jeff’s full nomination.
  • Kathy Warren, ONC, RN, a nurse in the Cancer Care Center, is the recipient of the Hazel Latondress Compassion Award. “Last year, my brother was feeling fine except for a nagging pain in his sternum. Turns out it was Stage 3 lung cancer, and it was sprung on him in the prime of life. It hurled him into anxiety and uncertainty that he had never experienced before. He showed up at the Cancer Care Center for his first chemo treatment full of nerves and fear, and that was when he met a nurse – Kathy. On that first day of chemo, he had a bad reaction to his chemo. Kathy recognized it immediately and let him know that ‘You’re going to be fine. You’re with me, and I’ve been doing this for a long time.’ The relationship grew from there. Kathy constantly joked with my brother and would ‘give him a hard time’. She had that ‘nursery’ personality that comes as a result of years of experience. If you’re a nurse, like I am, you understand the magic of Kathy. A nurse that can help a strong man, who’s at his most vulnerable time, get back on solid footing so he can fight his disease with dignity. That is the definition of compassion, compassion that helped this patient.” Read Kathy’s full nomination.

All of these winners represent the high caliber of nursing care at Bronson, and display Positivity in action. Do you know a nurse who provides exceptional care? Honor them online at If you have a story to share about a positive experience you have had at Bronson, share it online at

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