Bronson Battle Creek to Open Cancer Comfort Suite - Bronson Healthcare

Published on September 06, 2013

Bronson Battle Creek to Open Cancer Comfort Suite

On Wednesday, September 25, Bronson Battle Creek (BBC) will unveil its newest service called a ‘Comfort Suite’ in the Mary Coleman Women’s Center.  It is a special place where cancer patients can rest at the hospital before receiving their same-day breast biopsy, between their multiple daily treatments for breast cancer, or for other patients that may have to spend a long period of time at the hospital on any given day.

A Comfort Suite open house to dedicate the space will be held in the BBC Outpatient Center, off the Emmett Street parking lot #4.  A brief program begins at 5 p.m. followed by tours of the new area.  The public is invited.

“In partnership with the American Cancer Society, this innovative service is a quiet space, set-aside just down the hall from the cancer center, where patients can go and rest and rejuvenate between treatments,” said Susan DeRuiter, RN, BS, CBPN-C, nurse navigator at the BBC Cancer Care Center.  “The room is decorated in a soft color palate with comfortable chairs and couches.  There is a television, a computer, and learning compact discs at the patient’s disposal.  A mini-refrigerator is stocked with water and soft drinks.”

The rigors of some therapies that cancer patients undergo can take their toll, especially if they need those treatments several times in one day.  Add to that traveling to have the therapy in the morning, going home after that first treatment, and the inconvenience of having to return to the hospital in the afternoon for a second one is sometimes stressful.

“We fully understand how cancer treatments can tire our patients, so it is important for them to get plenty of rest so they can stay strong,” said Dr. Randy Mudge, BBC director of radiation oncology.  “Leaving the hospital, going home, and then returning the same day for continued treatments is at best troublesome.  We want to make our patients as comfortable as we can.  This new service will go a long way in helping that happen.”

“Research shows that patients will have far better outcomes from their treatments if they are rested, relaxed, and happy,” added Ann Moenke, health initiatives coordinator for the Great Lakes Division of the American Cancer Society.   “Our new comfort suite will help our patients reach those goals physically, mentally, and spiritually.”

Much of the work in creating this space was donated through local trades-crafts.  Special acknowledgement goes to, among others, Battle Creek Tile & Mosaic, Cook/Jackson Co., CSE Morse, CSM Group, Diekema-Hamann Architecture and Engineering, H & H Painting, Hunter-Prell Co., Motor Shop Electrical Const., and Woodsmiths.