Bronson Children's Hospital Patients Show Their Superhero Strength

Published on July 24, 2019

Bronson Children’s Hospital Patients Display Superhero Strength in Special Photo Shoot

Bronson Children’s Hospital patients show their superhero strength each and everyday. Now, those superpowers have been captured on camera. The Little Heroes of Hope organization swooped in a few weeks ago for some action shots of a number of our superhero pediatric hematology and oncology patients. Izabella little hero photo

Tonight, the photos were unveiled for the patients, their families and Bronson staff members. The photos capture the strength of each patient and their personality– some a little serious and others playful. Each child is depicted (digitally) in a scene showing them as a hero ready so save the world or as a super-special princess.

Each family gets to keep the framed photo. The costumes, photography and digital editing were all provided by the Little Heroes of Hope nonprofit organization. Photo House Inc. helped support the event, along with numerous sponsors.

Tonight’s reception was organized by Bronson Children’s Hospital’s child life program and the Bronson Health Foundation.

Click here to see the collection of Little Heroes of Hope photos.