Bronson Executive Appointed to State, National Roles - Bronson Healthcare

Published on May 10, 2013

Bronson Executive Appointed to State, National Roles


James "Chip" Falahee, Bronson's Senior Vice President of Legal and Legislative Affairs, has been reappointed by Governor Snyder to the State Certificate of Need Commission for a three-year term. He has also been re-elected as the Chairman of the Commission.

Certificate of Need (CON) is a state regulatory program intended to balance the cost, quality and access of Michigan's health care system. The eleven-member Commission has the responsibility to develop, approve, disapprove or revise CON Review Standards. The Commission also has the authority to make recommendations to revise the list of covered clinical services subject to CON review.

Falahee has also been elected to the Board of Directors of Safety Net Hospitals for Pharmaceutical Access (“SNHPA”). SNHPA is an organization of over 900 public and private nonprofit hospitals and health systems throughout the United States that participate in the 340B drug discount program. The 340B program requires drug manufacturers to sell outpatient drugs at a discount to certain safety-net providers that care for uninsured, indigent or low-income people. Both Bronson Methodist Hospital and Bronson Battle Creek Hospital are 340B providers.

SNHPA monitors, educates and serves as an advocate on federal legislative and regulatory issues related to 340B drug pricing and other pharmacy matters affecting safety-net providers.