Bronson Hosts Open House on Blood Management - Bronson Healthcare

Published on November 07, 2013

On Saturday, November 9, Bronson is hosting an informative and free open house about blood management services from 1 to 4 p.m. in the Gilmore Center for Health Education.

Blood management services, available to all patients, help people who don't want to receive donor blood because of religious beliefs or risk of infection. Physicians and staff work to provide options that can prevent the need for donor blood. Blood management offers many alternatives to transfusion, including the process of reusing the patient's own blood during a procedure, as opposed to receiving blood from an outside source. There are many benefits to blood management, including:

  • Less exposure to new viruses and infections
  • Less risk of using old donor blood, which may not be as good for you
  • Fewer infections after surgery or treatment
  • Faster recovery
  • Better outcomes after surgery or treatment

It is open to the public and doesn't require registration. The open house will feature presentations on blood management, demonstrations of medical equipment, the DaVinci® surgical system, hemoglobin testing and more. For more information about the program, call (269) 341-8575. Visit the blood management services page for more information.