Bronson Introduces Medical and Surgical Weight Loss Program - Bronson Healthcare

Published on January 03, 2007

Bronson Methodist Hospital now offers medical weight management and assists with the pre- and post-surgery needs of bariatric surgery patients through Bronson Medical & Surgical Weight Management.

Bronson has three programs to meet the various bariatric needs of its patients:

New LEAF Program: Lifestyle, Exercise, Attitude, and Food
The New LEAF Program is a medically supervised, 10-week lifestyle and behavior change program. It is designed for those who have metabolic syndrome, a cluster of health problems affecting one out of every four Americans. This condition increases risk of heart disease, stroke and diabetes. The LEAF Program consists of medical weight management, nutrition, exercise, and behavior change.

Self-Directed Weight Management
This self-directed program offers patients flexibility to help manage their weight in partnership with their own primary care doctor. It consists of medical weight management, nutrition, and behavior change. Patients choose what parts of the program they need.

Bariatric Surgery
Bronson offers a comprehensive bariatric surgery program for severely overweight patients. The program helps them prepare for the procedure and gives them support after recovery. Procedures performed at Bronson include gastric banding, sleeve gastrectomy, and Roux-en-Y gastric bypass; and includes both laparoscopic and open techniques.

The typical bariatric surgery candidate:

    • Is no younger than age 18 and no older than age 55

    • Has a body mass index (BMI) of at least 40

    • Has a BMI of at least 35 with obesity-related medical problems such as diabetes, hypertension, heart disease, or sleep apnea

    • Has previously attempted a non-surgical weight loss program

    • Is willing to comply with the lifestyle and nutrition requirements

    • Is psychologically stable

    • Will attend a minimum of three support group sessions following surgery

A physician referral is required for all options offered by this service.

“Being severely overweight can have serious health ramifications – decreased life expectancy, increased risk of heart disease and stroke, high cholesterol, diabetes, sleep apnea, high blood pressure, and more,” said Scott Larson, M.D., Bronson’s senior vice president of medical affairs and chief medical officer. “Bronson now has more options for people in southwest Michigan who are battling with severe weight problems that can help them live a healthier life.”

Those interested in learning more about their bariatric surgery options may attend the upcoming program, “Bariatric Surgery: Is It Right For You?” This free information session can help attendees determine if surgery is the right choice. Attendees will find out about:

    • The different bariatric surgery procedures

    • How the surgery works and what it can do for you

    • Eating and nutrition after having bariatric surgery

    • Psychological aspects of bariatric surgery

    • Why ongoing support, such as support groups, are critical to your overall success

Bronson Medical & Surgical Weight Management is located in suite M-515 of the Medical Office Pavilion at Bronson Methodist Hospital in downtown Kalamazoo. For more information, call (269) 341-8900 or e-mail