Bronson Methodist Hospital Announces Excellence in Nursing Award Recipients for 2016

Published on May 17, 2017

Bronson Methodist Hospital Announces the 2016 Excellence in Nursing Award Recipients

Congratulations to the seven Bronson Methodist Hospital nurses who were honored during Nurses' Week.

BMH Nurses' Week Award Winners Stand Outside HospitalOn Tuesday, May 9, 2017, Bronson Methodist Hospital recognized seven exceptional nurses during the Excellence in Nursing Celebration. Nursing Excellence awards are based on key areas of the Nursing Professional Model of Care: leadership, compassion, respect, pride, expertise and impact. Honorees include:

Kelsey Steinkraus, BSN, RN, a nurse manager from the neuro critical care unit, received the Hazel Latondress Leadership Award. According to her award nomination, “It wasn’t long after she became a nurse that Kelsey took on a leadership role. She has the natural ability to lead by example and organize patient care. She is a wonderful mentor to new nurses, as she takes every opportunity to teach and model best practice.”

Mary Weststrate, RNC-OB, a nurse on the mother-baby unit, received the Hazel Latondress Compassion Award. “Mary is the epitome of what a nurse should be,” her award nomination explains. “She is known for giving every patient excellent care. She always takes the extra step to connect with her patients and make them feel special. Mary is able to relate to each patient she encounters and make their day just a little better.”

Jennifer Erwin, BSN, RN, CCRN, a nurse on the trauma care unit, was selected for the Hazel Latondress Respect Award. Jennifer always puts the best interests of her patients and coworkers first. Her award nomination letter explained several times when Jennifer went out of her way and above her duties as a nurse to ensure her patient was as comfortable as possible. “She takes her patient’s individual needs into account every day, and never expects recognition.”

Alisha McKay, MSN, RN, AGCNS-BC, a nurse in the nursing professional practice office, was the recipient of the Hazel Latondress Pride Award. “Alisha is passionate about her role and is constantly seeking out new opportunities to fix the issues that mean the most to bedside nurses,” explains Alisha’s coworker. “She is always positive, focused, professional, supportive and exceedingly invested in the service of her teams and patients. Alisha is bursting with positivity and pride!”

Michelle Henderson, RN, a nurse on the trauma care unit, received the Hazel Latondress Expertise Award. “Michelle is a master of thinking critically, practicing in an evidence-based manner, collaborating with the team and developing professionally,” her nominator explains. “She continually challenges herself to grow and develop by seeking feedback on ways to better herself. Because of this, she is someone that her peers seek out when trying to resolve issues on the floor.”

Shellie Bush, BSN, RN, CWOCN, a stomal therapy nurse, was presented the Hazel Latondress Impact Award. “Shellie is one of the most approachable, kind and selfless individuals I have ever encountered,” her nomination letter reads. “When making decisions, she is constantly thinking about how this may impact patients, families and staff, not just at Bronson Methodist Hospital, but across the entire system.”

Brandy Rice, BSN, RN, a nurse in the medical intensive care unit, was the recipient of the Rising Star Award. Not only has Brandy excelled at transitioning from a graduate nurse to her current full-time position, but has displayed an above and beyond commitment to advancing nursing practice and improving patient outcomes. “Brandy comes to work each day with a positive attitude, great teamwork skills and an eagerness to provide optimal care to her patients.”

In addition to those listed above, 15 nurses were recognized with the 2016 DAISY Award. Nominations for the DAISY Award are received throughout the year and honor nurses who meet patient and family needs by going above and beyond the traditional role of nursing. DAISY honorees include: Brandi Britz, BSN, RN; Gervine Brown, BSN, RN; Nikki Burgos, RN; Kimberly Burnham, BSN, RN; Amanda Chan, RN; Sue Fern, RN; Jennifer Hamilton, RN; Nicole Hess, RN; Ashley Lucha, RN; Darcie Naylor, RN; Sally Sander, RN; Molly Senne, BSN, RN; Mike Watson, RN; Kristen Wessell, BSN, RN; Jennifer Zeigler, BSN, RN, CCRN.

The DAISY Team Award was presented to the trauma care unit, and other individuals across the hospital, for their compassion and dedication to providing an exceptional patient experience. When a patient on the unit was going to miss her sons’ wedding, the trauma care team worked through the night to organize a small ceremony at the hospital, giving the patient the opportunity to share in the special event. According to the bride, “The smile on my mother-in-law’s face was the biggest I have ever seen. I am impressed and touched by these seemingly small gestures. Not one member of the team made us feel rushed or like we were intruding. The level of respect and care is something I will remember for the rest of my life.”

All of these winners represent the high caliber of nursing care at Bronson and further validate the hospital’s Magnet® recognition. Magnet® recognizes healthcare organizations that demonstrate excellence in nursing and is considered the gold standard. It is the highest honor an organization can receive for professional nursing practice. To date, only seven percent of U.S. hospitals have earned Magnet recognition.

The public is invited to honor nurses throughout the year online at If you have a story to share about a positive experience you have had at Bronson, you can share it online at