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Published on May 19, 2015

Bronson Methodist Hospital Honors Nurses during Nurses' Week

Nurses throughout the Bronson Healthcare system are being recognized during National Nurses’ Week, May 11 to 15. At Bronson Methodist Hospital, several nurses received awards based on key areas of the Nursing Professional Model of Care: pride, respect, impact, compassion, expertise, leadership and teamwork. Honorees include:

Jill Riley, BSN, RN, a nurse in the inpatient surgery unit, received the Leadership Award. Riley, who is also the chairperson of the Clinical Quality Council, took the lead and provided recommendations to improve the pain medication process, sitter use and post-fall huddles. She was also instrumental in developing the “walk in my shoes” experience with the staff in the lab, which helped decrease and eliminate mislabeled or unlabeled specimens.

Rosie Espinoza, BSN, RN, a nurse in the general medical unit, was the recipient of the Rising Star Award. Espinoza is currently the unit-based Shared Governance Committee co-chair and has demonstrated great leadership skills. She had a large role in the patient satisfaction kaizen event as a representative and also brainstormed creative solutions that would improve the patient experience. Espinoza has completed Bronson’s evidence-based practice internship and will be attending the first international Integrative Nursing Symposium in Iceland this May.

David Ouvry, RN, received the Hazel Latondress Compassion Award. He often works on the neurocritical care unit and continually shows compassion to his colleagues and patients. He was nominated for a particular experience where he went above and beyond to ensure the comfort and happiness of his patient. This patient was nearly comatose; however, Ouvry spoke to him calmly and carefully updated him on news, weather and other events. He also turned on a NASCAR race knowing that the patient enjoyed watching it before his hospitalization.

Ken Rourke, RN, BS, CEN, a nurse in trauma and emergency care, was selected for the Hazel Latondress Respect Award. Rourke works closely with the hospital emergency medical services (EMS) liaison to maintain and strengthen relationships with pre-hospital agencies and personnel. He was nominated for his resilient effort to ensure that the paramedics obtained the access and support that they needed during a technology upgrade. Rourke was also part of a collaborative to develop a guideline for administration of nitrous oxide for minimal sedation, providing pediatric customers with extra comfort during care.

Tennile Chavous, BSN, RN, unit coordinator in the general medical unit, was the recipient of the Hazel Latondress Pride Award. Chavous has shown great leadership skills specifically during the morning meeting. She continually greets every staff member, float staff and students, making them feel welcomed and supported. Chavous explains the updates and numbers in great detail and ends the meeting with an inspirational quote. As a result of her unique methods of engaging staff, everyone feels comfortable coming to her for help.

Jennifer Holmes, BSN, RN, a nurse on the pediatric intensive care unit, received the Hazel Latondress Expertise Award. She has filled a variety of roles at Bronson and brings an extensive amount of knowledge to Bronson Children’s Hospital. She was nominated for her support and quick action during an emergency situation when a patient’s condition was rapidly declining. Her colleagues knew that when they called on her for support that she would have everything under control. After the patient was stable, Holmes used the experience as a teaching opportunity to talk with her colleagues about how to best chart and document what had occurred.

Melissa Heacock, BSN, RN, was presented the Hazel Latondress Impact Award. She was nominated for her efforts to implement the safety surveillance project. The goal of the project was to improve patient safety, improve outcomes, be more cost effective and more efficient overall. Heacock showed exceptional leadership skills with training patient safety assistants, as well as helping everyone adapt to the change brought about by the project.

The public is also invited to recognize Bronson nurses this week and throughout the year. Nurses may be recognized online at

Pictured above: David Ouvry, Rosie Espinoza, Tennile Chavous, Jennifer Holmes, Melissa Heacock, Jill Riley, Ken Rourke

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