Bronson Methodist Hospital Named Employer of the Year by InterAct of Michigan, Inc.

Published on July 11, 2018

Bronson Methodist Hospital Named Employer of the Year by InterAct of Michigan, Inc.

BMH Named Employer of the Year.

Bronson Methodist Hospital has been named Employer of the Year by InterAct of Michigan, Inc. for its commitment to creating an inclusive environment for employees with disabilities. Through its Action Employment Services program, InterAct partners with area employers to pair adults with mental illness and other disabilities to jobs that fit their needs and can help improve their quality of life.

In 2017, InterAct worked with Bronson to place a client, Julian Borst, in a position in Bronson’s environmental services department. While the position as it was written did not fit the client’s abilities, the environmental services manager and Bronson’s human resources team sat down to rework the job duties to accommodate the new employee, while also benefiting the hospital.

“Bronson embraces diversity. We’re always looking to recruit, retain, support and promote a diverse workforce,” says Beth Washington, director of inclusion and equity for Bronson. “Diversity is embedded into Bronson’s values. You can’t raise the bar if you’re not including a variety of people on your team.”

Julian has been a Bronson employee ever since. He works part-time helping to keep the hospital’s public areas clean. “Bronson has been very helpful and one of the best employers I’ve had the honor of partnering with. They embrace diversity,” says Tami Young, supervisor of Action Employment Services

Bronson and InterAct representatives continue to work closely together with Julian to provide ongoing job coaching and training. “Julian is a hard-working, dedicated employee,” says Jeff Brant, manager of environmental services at Bronson. “Through my time working with him, I’ve seen him grow both personally and professionally. It’s been great having Julian on our team,” he adds.

As for Julian, he embraces his work environment. “I like working at Bronson because I like my co-workers and interactions with guests and patients. They are all very warm and welcoming,” he says.