Bronson Methodist Hospital Offers Single-Site Robotic Hysterectomy

Published on November 05, 2014

Bronson Methodist Hospital Offers Single-Site Robotic Hysterectomy

Bronson Methodist Hospital now offers single-site robotic –assisted hysterectomy surgery. The new surgical procedure provides a better cosmetic outcome than both open hysterectomy and typical minimally invasive hysterectomy.

The procedure is performed with just one incision in the belly button. Typical minimally invasive hysterectomy requires three to five small incisions. Traditional hysterectomy surgery utilizes one large incision.

Like typical minimally invasive hysterectomy, patients undergoing single-site robotic-assisted hysterectomy also benefit from less pain, less blood loss and a lower risk of infection compared to open hysterectomy. The difference between single-site robotic-assisted hysterectomy and typical minimally invasive hysterectomy is that the scarring is even more minimal.

The procedure, which is FDA-approved, takes about one hour. The single incision required is approximately two centimeters long. Using a robotic-assisted platform, surgeons are able to complete the entire surgery through the belly button. The natural contours of the belly button help hide the incision.

“Single-site robotic assisted hysterectomy gives surgeons greater dexterity and more precise control than laparoscopic or open surgery. It also provides a high-definition 3-D view. Patients benefit from same day discharge and a very tiny scar,” says Anna Hoekstra, MD.

At Bronson Methodist Hospital, gynecologic surgeons perform the procedure assisted by other surgeons, anesthesiologists, surgery nurses and highly-skilled surgery staff. Patients recover in one of the hospital’s all-private rooms and are usually discharged within a day to heal in the comfort of their own homes.

Single-site robotic-assisted surgery is the latest minimally invasive robotic surgery procedure offered by Bronson. Other minimally invasive robotic procedures include prostatectomy, bowel resection, lung resection, heart surgery, colorectal or small bowel resection, gallbladder removal and pediatric surgery procedures. Collectively, surgeons at Bronson Methodist Hospital and Bronson Battle Creek have more robotic surgery experience than any other hospital system in southwest or south central Michigan.

For more information about single-site robotic-assisted hysterectomy, call Anna Hoekstra, MD, at (269) 382-2500 or Tempest Allen, MD at (269) 655-3070.