Bronson Methodist Hospital Recognizes Extraordinary Nurses (Q3 2019)

Published on January 14, 2020

Bronson Methodist Hospital Recognizes Extraordinary Nurses (Q3 2019)

Four registered nurses from Bronson Methodist Hospital (BMH) are recent recipients of the DAISY Award for Extraordinary Nurses. Desiree Goff, BSN, RN, Suzy Greydanus-Rutgers, BSN, RN, Alesia Lewandowski, RN, and Barb Whetham, RN, CMS-RN, each received nominations for the award during the third quarter of 2019 for going above and beyond to provide an exceptional healthcare experience for their patients.

Patients, family members and colleagues may submit nominations for the DAISY Award. Below, read about the winners to find out why we recognize them for providing exceptional healthcare experiences.

  • Desiree Goff, BSN, RN, is a pre-op nurse. “She got my IV in on the first try, took the time to listen to my concerns, advocated for me and really went above and beyond at every step. Her caring demeanor calmed my husband and me down on a very stressful morning, and she treated me – not some algorithm or check sheet." Read Desiree’s full nomination.
  • Suzy Greydanus-Rutgers, BSN, RN, is a labor and delivery nurse. “I am forever grateful to Suzy for the memories that I have of my son’s birth. I had four years of bottled up feelings [following a previous traumatic C-section] that she helped process effortlessly with me. The interaction I had with her that day has started a much deeper healing process within myself. When I reflect on this birth experience, I tell others that I am so thankful that I got to have another cesarean. I got a do-over. And because of Suzy, It went exactly as it should have.” Read Suzy’s full nomination.
  •  Alesia Lewandowski, RN, is a nurse on the Medical Intensive Care Unit (MICU). “[In the MICU], patients are often unable to speak and participate in their care. Alesia really talks to the family to navigate through feelings and find out more about the patient. When getting report, it feels like she is handing over care from one of her close friends or family members. If we could all be a little more like Alesia, the world would be a better place.” Read Alesia’s full nomination.
  •  Barb Whetham, RN, CMS-RN, is a float pool nurse – meaning she works on various units throughout the hospital, wherever there is a need. On a busy night on the Extended Medical Care Unit (EMCU), “Barb received a new admission who had a very severe case of head lice. Along with the help of her PCA, Christa, [the two] very professionally and empathetically spent over an hour bathing and providing head lice treatment to the patient. They washed the patient’s hair, bathed them, cleaned under their fingernails, combed their hair and applied the medication with such compassion and friendliness. They spent extra time making this patient feel comfortable and cared for.” Read Barb’s full nomination.

To nominate a Bronson nurse for the DAISY Award, visit If you have experienced Bronson Positivity, share your story at Your story can help bring Positivity and inspiration to others.

About the DAISY Award

The DAISY Award is supported by the not-for-profit DAISY (Diseases Attacking the Immune System) Foundation. Bonnie and J. Mark Barnes created this foundation and award as a way to remember their son, J. Patrick Barnes. Patrick had a disease that attacked his body and was in the hospital for a long time. His nurses did such a great job with him that the Barnes family created an award that continues to recognize the excellent work nurses do every day.

  • Headshots of the four DAISY Award winners from Bronson Methodist Hospital in the third quarter of 2019.

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