Bronson Opening Specialized Unit to Diagnose and Treat Seizures - Bronson Healthcare

Published on August 18, 2008

People experiencing seizures will benefit from a new way to diagnose and treat them at Bronson Methodist Hospital with the opening of southwest Michigan’s first Epilepsy Monitoring Unit on August 25. The unit is designed for patients of all ages with seizures to spend several days under intensive evaluation by Bronson neuro specialists in order to diagnose and develop treatment plans.

“Seizures are more common than most people realize. One in 50 people may experience a seizure at least once in their lifetime,” said Hisanori Hasegawa, M.D, epileptologist with Bronson Neurological Services. “Having a dedicated Epilepsy Monitoring Unit at Bronson is essential to better meet the needs of our community by evaluating, diagnosing and treating seizures. Not all seizures are the same, so the Epilepsy Monitoring Unit allows us to spend several days watching how patients act – even in the most difficult cases.”

The Epilepsy Monitoring Unit will be staffed by Bronson’s comprehensive neurological team – including the area’s only epileptologist. The unit includes two patient rooms in the Neurovascular Unit, as well as a Pediatric Epilepsy Monitoring Unit in one patient room in Pediatric Intensive Care. Each room in the Epilepsy Monitoring Unit uses a combination of video and EEG monitoring. This lets the epilepsy team see a complete picture of what happens during a seizure, providing the team with more specific diagnoses and leading to individualized treatment plans.

Once testing is complete, the epilepsy team will determine the best treatment plan for each patient, including medication and surgical options. The patient’s physician is included in the treatment plan and results.

People experiencing seizures may be referred to the Epilepsy Monitoring Unit by an epileptologist or neurologist.

The members of the epilepsy team at Bronson include southwest Michigan’s only epileptologist, a neurologist, a neurosurgeon, specialized nurses, EEG technicians, neuropsychologists, and neuroradiologists.

Bronson’s Neurosciences capabilities include southwest Michigan’s only board-certified vascular neurologist, fellowship-trained neurointensivist, epileptologist, and pediatric fellowship-trained neurosurgeon. Bronson also offers a neurointerventional radiologist, a pediatric neurology program; and a new, dedicated Neurovascular Unit for patients with neurovascular issues such as stroke, traumatic brain injury, aneurysms, seizure disorders, CNS tumors and related disorders.