Bronson Opens New Cancer Center in Kalamazoo
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Published on February 01, 2021

Bronson Opens New Cancer Center in Kalamazoo

The new Bronson Cancer Center in downtown Kalamazoo has opened its doors and is now providing outpatient treatment for adult patients from across the region. The five-story, 85,000 sq. ft. facility with offices and clinical areas for medical oncology, hematology and infusion services took just under two years to build. Planning began in 2018 after it was determined that these services, previously located at the West Michigan Cancer Center (WMCC), would transition back to the hospital’s campus in 2021.

As a result, each patient is now able to have their cancer care coordinated within the Bronson Healthcare system along with other medical services they receive there. This enhances communication between providers and patients and allows all visits to be documented in one central electronic health record to ensure the best possible care for each patient.

Located in the Frank J. Sardone Pavilion at the corner of Vine and John Streets, across from Bronson Methodist Hospital’s Medical Office Pavilion, the new Bronson Cancer Center is home to:

  • Bronson Oncology & Hematology Specialists
  • Bronson’s Chemotherapy Infusion Center
  • Bronson’s Hemophilia Treatment Center
  • Bronson’s Multidisciplinary Care Clinic

Within Bronson Cancer Center, patients and families are supported in their cancer journey by a care team working in unison through a coordinated plan of care that includes not only medical treatment, but support services such as survivorship, palliative care, nutrition counseling and healthy living activities.

Across Kalamazoo, Calhoun and Van Buren counties, more than 2,000 new cancer cases are diagnosed annually. That equates to about 6 people being diagnosed with cancer each day.

Five medical oncologists and four advanced practice providers, who previously saw Bronson patients at WMCC, are now available full time at the new Bronson Cancer Center. They are:

Bronson’s Cancer Care program is a regional one, bringing together experts across a wide variety of specialties. In addition to the services provided for adults at Bronson Cancer Center in Kalamazoo, Bronson partners on radiation, surgical and gynecological oncology services with WMCC. Bronson Children’s Hospital is the premier destination for inpatient and outpatient care for children with cancer and blood disorders from throughout the region, and the well-established Bronson Cancer Center in Battle Creek continues to provide a comprehensive range of oncology and radiation treatment for adults in Calhoun County.

Community leaders in southwest Michigan have given funds to realize the vision for Bronson Cancer Center in Kalamazoo and Bronson’s regional cancer program. Bronson Health Foundation celebrates the generosity of these leaders who together invested more than $9 million in philanthropic support. Through these gifts and community partners, Bronson is able to elevate the facilities, programs, and services that patients with cancer rely on. For more information about Bronson’s philanthropic campaign to elevate cancer care regionally, call (269) 341-8100.

To learn more about the new Bronson Cancer Center and Bronson’s regional cancer care program, visit

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