Bronson Orthopedic Surgeons Perform Surgery on Rare Monkey

Published on April 10, 2014

Bronson Orthopedic Surgeons Perform Surgery on Rare Monkey

Monkey Surgery

Orthopedic surgeons, Amy Woznick, MD and Josh Ellwitz, MD, from Bronson were called into action by Binder Park Zoo this week when Kanzu, a 7-year-old female mangabey monkey, needed surgery to repair a broken leg. Binder Park Zoo veterinarian, Dr. Judilee Marrow was not sure how the fracture occurred, but realized the situation called for the surgical expertise of Bronson doctors.

Joe Babcock, X-ray technologist at Bronson Methodist Hospital, provided X-rays of the leg using a portable X-ray machine. The equipment used for the surgery was donated by Stryker. Bronson doctors and staff donated their services, as well.

The team fixed a spiral fracture of the left femur with a metal plate and screws. Surgery wrapped up Tuesday, April 9. Kanzu did very well and will be closely monitored during recovery so she can get back to her normal activities.

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