Bronson Presents Nursing Assistants with Award for Excellence

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Published on May 18, 2021

Bronson Presents Nursing Assistants with Award for Excellence

Each year, Bronson Healthcare presents the Sunshine Award to team members who help our clinical staff provide exceptional care for patients and families. Honorees work in one of the following roles:

  • Acute Care Assistant
  • Anesthesia Techs
  • Behavioral Health Worker
  • Cardiac Techs
  • Cath Lab Imaging Techs
  • CVS Procedure Techs
  • ED Techs
  • Endo Techs
  • Medical Assistants
  • OB/Surgery Assistants
  • Patient Safety Assistants
  • Patient Care Assistants (PCAs)
  • Surgical Techs
  • Unit Clerks

Below are the recent award winners from Bronson Methodist Hospital in Kalamazoo and Bronson Battle Creek Hospital. Read the nominations below to discover the important role these team members play in ensuring a positive experience for every patient, every time.

Bronson Battle Creek

  • Alyssa Lesman is an ED tech in the Emergency Department. “Alyssa is a conscientious worker who adheres to policy while providing compassionate care. Alyssa is not easily flustered. I enjoy the friendly comradery and humor she brings to the staff.” Read Alyssa’s full nomination.
  • Dawn Lewis is an acute care assistant on our C5/Oncology Unit. “Dawn consistently goes above and beyond for all of her patients. She never hesitates to spend extra time with her patients to make them feel well cared for. Dawn treats her patients like family. She takes the time to make personal connections, ask questions and empathize with patients.” Read Dawn’s full nomination.

Bronson Methodist Hospital

  • Lisa Adkins is a PCA on the Medical Intensive Care Unit (MICU). “Lisa is a ray of sunshine. She goes above and beyond to make sure the needs of the patients, families and staff are met. She jumps in at a moment's notice to help with anything that is needed.” The nomination, written by a peer, goes on to explain a conversation they had with one of Lisa’s former patients and his wife, who said “Lisa has humor, compassion, and an ability to provide wonderful care. She made us feel special, and I looked forward to coming to visit my husband, particularly on days where Lisa was on shift.” Read Lisa’s full nomination.
  • Shane Beebe is a Surgical Clinical Support team member. “Ask anyone at the Bronson Outpatient Surgery Center (BOSC); when they hear Shane's name, they immediately smile. Shane is truly a bright spot in our department. Her infectious laugh can be heard throughout the department and she brings so much light, joy and comfort to her peers, patients and their support people. Shane is always looking for ways to cheer up those around her and is constantly reaching out to our patients and their loved ones to see how she can impact their visit to BOSC in a positive way. Not only is Shane always helpful at BOSC, but she is constantly volunteering to learn new projects within our department or readily willing to float to other departments in need.” Read Shane’s full nomination.
  • Hilary Powell is a PCA on the Extended Medical Care Unit (EMCU). “Hilary is appreciated by staff and patients alike for her kind and compassionate care. She often anticipates needs ahead of time and can be overheard taking the time to talk and explain to patients about their care, pulling up a chair to comfort them when they are struggling or trying to understand them when they are having a hard time communicating. Hilary is a pleasure to work with. When I'm with her I can be confident that my patients will receive fantastic care.” Read Hilary’s full nomination.
  • Colleen Snyder is a PCA on the pediatric unit. “When patients come in that we are familiar with, Colleen always goes above and beyond to set up the room with things that she knows they will like. I have seen her take the extra time to pick special blankets and stuffed animals that appeal to the interests of chronic patients or pick movies for certain kids that she knows they will like. She always takes the time to connect with patients and their families in order to make them feel comfortable and more at ease.” Read Colleen’s full nomination.

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  • Headshots of the six Sunshine Award winners from Bronson Methodist and Bronson Battle Creek Hospitals

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