Bronson’s Daily Hospitalizations for COVID-19 Reach Highest Point Since 2020
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Published on November 18, 2021

Bronson’s Daily Hospitalizations for COVID-19 Reach Highest Point Since 2020

Bronson’s daily hospitalizations for COVID-19 at our four hospitals have climbed in the past week to levels we have not seen since November of 2020. As of today, we have 103 COVID-19 positive inpatients in our system, of which 73 are not vaccinated. Along with COVID-19 cases, we are also seeing a high volume of patients with other acute illnesses.

Our Incident Command team is continuously evaluating the ever-changing situation and is following our plans to manage bed space, staffing and to maintain a safe environment for all patients and staff. When necessary we are deferring some procedures and surgeries that are not critical, urgent or emergent.

When our patient volumes change throughout the day, we make adjustments as needed. If we reach temporary capacity in certain areas, we may close to regional patient transfers from hospital to hospital or go on diversion to ambulance traffic until our capacity opens back up.

Our providers, nurses and other front line staff members continue to show great care, compassion and dedication to the well-being of our patients despite these difficult circumstances. The public can assist in relieving the strain put on hospitals and staff by getting vaccinated and continuing to practice safety measures such as masking and social distancing to help slow the spread of the virus. Also, community members are encouraged to use one of the many resources available for non-emergencies including primary care, FastCare, urgent care or video visits.

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